5 Reasons you’ll Regret Not Having Home Insurance

Imagine it; you’re sitting at home after a long day at an underpaid job, watching the TV to unwind when… a pipe bursts and your possessions are soaked through. The books might be saveable with a hairdryer but that sparking electric system is more than just a physical danger – it’s a danger to your pocket too.

Home insurance or a type of home contents cover can cover you for all kinds of accidents or damage. Sure, damp proofing in London or extra insulation in the northern cities might feel like it’s protecting your home, but will it protect you from a burglary or vandalism?

If this isn’t enough to convince you, make sure you read on to find out five more reasons as to why you’ll come to regret not having valid home insurance!

Accidental Flooding

Most, if not all, home insurance policies will cover you for some kind of accidental or sudden flooding. While not all home insurance policies will cover you for weather-related flooding, the overflow of water from systems or appliances in your home is likely to be covered.

Plumbing, heating, air conditioning and all of the leaks and floods that they could possibly hit you with can be covered by an insurance policy, protecting your pocket from the painful pay-outs required for replacements and repairs of any water-damaged possessions.


Burglaries happen. It’s a fact of society and as much as we hike up security on our properties any time we hear about a burglary in our area, sometimes it’s not enough. Home insurance can cover a good amount of the lost costs from the theft, though making sure you take the steps to prevent a burglary are just as important as getting home insurance cover just in case.

Police car on patrol

Locking your windows and doors while you’re out and getting a security system fitted in your home can not only protect you, but in some cases even bring down the cost of your insurance policy.


Vandalism is another horrible fact of our society and certain times of year are worse for this than others – take Halloween for example. As fun as it might have seemed when you were younger to throw eggs or douse a home in toilet paper, being a – and I hate to say it – adult means you might not appreciate these antics quite as much as you used to. Eggs and pumpkins can break windows, and broken windows cost money.

The vandalism can go further than that at all times of year, including spray paint, garden destruction and more. Home insurance could cover the costs you might incur from senseless vandalism, putting your mind at rest at these busy times of year.


Fire damage to a property can range from mild to severe, and more often than not it’s only a few minutes that make the difference. Fire damage can be irreparable, and is certainly not possible without deep pockets lined with cash, but your home insurance can cover you in the event that your home does catch fire.

While insurance will cover you for damaged possessions and property, please ensure you take precautionary steps to prevent a fire occurring in the first place – don’t leave candles or ovens unattended and make sure household wiring is in top condition!

The Unlikely!

Home insurance can even cover you for the completely unlikely! We don’t mean natural disasters exactly as that will depend on the policy that you decide to take out, but if you’re one of the unlucky few who happen to find a car crash through your front window or space debris fall through your roof, you’ll have more than just a cool story to tell. Home insurance is likely to cover you for the damage!

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