The average cost of life insurance by age.

Life insurance premiums get more expensive as you get older, assuming all other factors remain constant. One of the biggest benefits of getting life insurance while you are young is the ability to lock in a lower premium. Although life insurance premiums are unique to each individual, you can find average annual rates to determine how much … Read more

Can you get life insurance if you smoke weed?

Marijuana use will not automatically exclude you from buying life insurance, but policies vary widely by company. Here’s what to know about how recreational or medical cannabis use affects your ability to get life insurance. Smoking weed or consuming products containing THC, even occasionally, will affect the life insurance rates you pay and may affect … Read more

8 best homeowners insurance companies of 2023

A home is one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make. It’s hard not to worry about worst-case scenarios that could put your largest asset in jeopardy. Homeowners insurance or home insurance can’t prevent disasters from happening, but it can protect your money when disaster strikes and offer peace of mind. With a homeowners insurance … Read more

Best Co-Op Insurance Companies

The issue of insurance can be super straight forward if you own a home or rent an apartment. In this case, it’s easy to figure out what type of insurance you need. Homeowners get homeowners insurance and renters get renters or tenants insurance. But what type of insurance do you get if you own shares … Read more