The degree at which people are considering for a loan in Nigeria is startling, this has become one of the major motives we’re seeing different moneylenders out there bountifully loans without insurance. In as much as this loan has been supportive to so many Nigerian households when it comes to resolving difficulties that need money for solving, some of these loans have become the powerful force that destroys the financial state of so many Nigerians.

To make things easy for you, we’ve enumerated 5 Loan companies that offer a monthly repayment loan tenor.

5 Companies That Offer Scheduled Repayment Loan Tenor In Nigeria
Specta Loan
Baobab Loan

Ren Money

Ren Money is one of the loaning companies in Nigeria that capitalize so much in advertisement in other to create more alertness about the services they provide. It is one of the most confidential loan companies in Nigeria that practice the customary of lending which you can find across the world. The company is known for its excellence service and high loans of up to 6 million Naira.


Fair money is another great money loaning company that offers diverse types of loans with great refund tenors. The company’s financial service is available through its mobile app platform which allows users to carry out numerous financial services online through their smartphones.

Specta Loan

Specta loan is a digital money lending platform owned by the widespread sterling bank of Nigeria. The platform provides diverse types of loans to meet different customers’ needs at any point in time.

Specta stands amid the list of the best financial service providers that offer digital loans online with a monthly repayment plan in Nigeria.

Baobab Loan

Baobab Loan is another great platform that is not widespread in Nigeria but its loan service is top-notch.
Baobab Loan is an instant cash loan that is easy to access by anyone so long as the individual has the essential documents or meets the standards for their loan service. This prompt loan corporation offers a monthly repayment loan with a flexible repayment plan that runs for 2 years.

Carrot Pay Digital Loan Service

Carrotpay is a loan app that you can download from Playstore for free. The app permits you to borrow money online and pay periodic.
With Carrotpay digital loan service, you can access a loan of up to N50,000 with a payment plan of 1-6 months.
The interest rate for Carrotpay loans is very low and the payout of their loan is fast.

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