Paragraphs For Your Boyfriend To Make Him Cry Copy And paste

Paragraph for boyfriend – Are you looking for breath-taking and heartwarming paragraphs for your boyfriend? Lots of girls out there do not know that constantly reminding your boyfriend of how much you love him and what he means to you could help improve a relationship drastically.

There are ways to let him know how exactly how you feel for him, But in this article, I will be showing some perfect paragraphs for your boyfriend to make him happy and also love you even more.

Paragraphs For Your Boyfriend
Breath Taking Paragraphs For Your Boyfriend To Make Him Loved

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Paragraphs For Your Boyfriend

I knew my feelings were for real when I spent more time thinking about you than worrying about myself. Dreaming about your success rather than mine. Doing things that made you happy, rather than what made me happy.

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate having you in my life. For helping me through the bad times and being there to help me celebrate the good times, I cherish all of the moments that we share together.

You understand me as no one else can and I can truly relate to you in every way. I mean it when I say that I am yours, and you are mine. I truly love you and will always fight for you.

You’re my soulmate, my second-half. Baby, every moment with you has been a wonderful journey and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with the only person who I want by my side.

Loving a prince like you is like sucking from the river of honey because to me, you are just like a field of flowers surrounded by evergreen grasses. With you in my life, I think everything will be alright. I love you!

Don’t you see that you are a great guy? You are so special and your heart is purer than a snowball. You are the kind of man I love to spend the rest of my life week. I am glad you understand, I love you so much.

It is my pleasure to have found a wonderful angel like you in my life because you gave me the reason to smile. I was sad when I could no longer see you by my side but thank God you belong to, I love you, baby!

Cute Paragraphs For Boyfriend

I will get you anything, any girl will give her boyfriend. I will show you all my heart if you give me all your love. Your presence brings that smile on my lips, even when I don’t wish to have one. Thanks for being the sun during the rainy days.

When I look to my left, everything that’s beautiful reminds me of your smiles. When I look to the right, everything that’s lovely reminds me of your looks. When I look in front of me, everything that’s awesome reminds me of your person. And when I look behind, everything that’s great reminds me of what you do. I love you in every sense of the word.

Thinking of anything other than you? That was before I met you. You now own and control my mind and heart. I need you, so it doesn’t matter how many times I see or talk to you. My day wouldn’t be complete without you. Thank you for being everything I want in a man and more.

The fastest may not always win the race, but you’re so kind that I feel very lucky to have you. The strongest may not always win the battles, but you’re so lovely that I feel very blessed to have you. Some have people around them with no love to shower, some have love to shower but none to receive. I have love and I have you. Sweet. I love you, my baby boy.

When I’m around you, nothing matters anymore as you’re the only thing that makes my world move around. I heart you more than your mind can imagine. I can’t imagine living in a world where I can’t see or touch you. You’re the air in my world, without you I am nothing. You’re the sun in my life, without you I am empty.

God looked at my loneliness, thought about how to fix it, then he sent you to me. God looked at my sadness, thought of how to end it, then he sent you my way. God heard my prayers, thought of how to answer it, then he made our paths cross. God decided to make my life sweet and filled with love, thought of the best way to do it, and created you. I love you, my dear.

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Boyfriend Paragraphs For Him

Thank you for calling me this morning. Hearing your voice as soon as I woke up made me realize that I’m definitely going to have an amazing day today and you have given me strength. Have a wonderful day too!

Your face alone is a kind of joy on its own and then, it brings endless joy to my heart. I want to be with you because your thought has dominated my heart, I wish I can do without you but it is impossible.

You give so much to everyone around you and I know there are times when you feel like you’re less than you are—not strong enough or not around enough—but you are so much more than you know. You inspire me each and every day.

Loving you is my strength, that is why I want to love you to the end. I want to be your wife and the good mother of your kids. I am happy that you came into my world and make me smile once in a while. You are the best man for me.

Here’s to remind you that I love you with every ounce of my being. I hope you realize how important you are to me and to everyone around you. Know that I will always be there for you when you are down. I will strive to make you happy.

I’m blessed to have you in my life, I’m glad to call you mine and I’m honoured to be with someone as caring, loving, understanding and amazing as you are. I cherish you always and I will forever love you.

I want to make you happy. I want to spoil you with love and attention. You’ve done so much for me I am in awe of your heart. You’re also so handsome and so devoted to making me the happiest girlfriend on earth.

Cute Paragraphs For Your Boyfriend

When I’m around you, nothing matters anymore as you’re the only thing that makes my world move around. I heart you. If talking could make you smile, I’ll keep talking all year and forever, to keep a smile on your face all my life.

With you, my days are brighter than the best the sun can offer. With you, my heart is more joyful than Christians at Christmas. With you, my life is sweeter than food prepared for occasions. With you, there’s no sad moments — only moments of joy and excitement. If I could define the love I have for you, the dictionary will be put to shame. I love you, baby boy.

No matter how much time I spend with other people, it compares to nothing when we are with each other. If I am to love any man in my next life, it will be you. Because since the first moment that I saw you, your thought has never left my mind.

All I need is you because you are the most basic of all the things that are required for me to survive. All I want is you because it’s only in you that I find true strength and love. All I desire is you because you are the source of my joy and happiness. All I think about is you because love is a very important part of my life. There’s none I love like you. I love you, baby.

I have always known how precious you’re to my life. How you brought bliss and happiness. What can I do without you? You are my present, and I don’t think the past is needed. I love you, and I’m never stopping till my very last Breath.

We don’t need a night or an outing to prove our love. It runs in our blood, beats in our hearts. It is rooted in our brains, wired into our beings. How can anyone convince me that our love is not real when you are ready to buy the world for me? I love you so much, Darling.

I don’t wish to “Beat around the bush,” I only want you to promise me one thing, “Forever.” Loving you was the best feeling I’ve had in a long while. Staying with you is the feeling I want forever.

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Long Paragraphs For Your Boyfriend

Every day, you make me become better than who I was a day before. You’ve made me become a more caring and loving woman and I’m honored to be loved by someone as special as you are. You’re indeed my blessing in disguise and I love you tenderly

You are my adventurous partner, my creative soul mate, and my best friend who also happens to be my red hot lover. If you only knew how jealous my girlfriends were of me…they know what a great catch you are. But I have you all to myself, lover boy. And I’m going to make sure you’re just as completely satisfied as I am.

I have a confession: I’m madly in love with you. I’ve been in love with you since the first day I met you and I’m still madly in love with you. I truly feel that I and you are meant to be together. I thought this could only happen in movies but it happened to me and I could not be happier.

I hope we are always together. And this ain’t that 2 week “i’m in love” bullshit. It’s the actual feeling. And it’s fucking amazing. I want to be the reason you look at your phone and smile. I love the way you make me happy, and the ways you show your care. I love the way you say, ‘I Love You’, and the way you’re always there.

I use to think of a day we will be together alone in our matrimonial home. We will tell each other some love stories and have some fun together. I want to be yours all my life, I want to be happy with you every single day of my life. You are the most beautiful gift ever given to me.

Another month, another year, another smile, another tear, another winter, another summer too, never want to spend any of them without you. I want you to know how much I appreciate all of the things you do for me. you make me feel needed, wanted, and cared about.

Happy Birthday Paragraph For Boyfriend

You are a super special person with incredible initiative, a motivation that goes beyond the standard, and the most charismatic empathy I have ever seen. I am sure that you will get wherever you set your mind to. Happy birthday, you are the best of all the boyfriends in the world.

You’re the sweetest person in the universe and I’m blessed to have you in my life. With you, life will always be filled with happiness that will never know any bounds. Thanks for coming into my life, thanks for being real and thanks for making life more meaningful. You know I love you right? Well, I do. Happy Birthday to you, my prince charming.

Thank you so much for coming into my life and being my light. I appreciate the love and colors you bring into my world. You may not understand how much it means to me. Happy birthday to you, boo.

There’s no sadness every time you’re right by my side and I’m honored to be loved by someone as special as you. For as long as I live, I will always cherish every single day with you. It’s your birthday, I wish you all that you wish yourself and all the happiness in the world. I love you beyond the stars. Happy Birthday, my one and only.

Sometimes I wish every girl in this world should have a caring boyfriend like you. But then I realize that I would be extremely jealous if it happened. You are the only mine forever and I don’t want anyone to enjoy the love I have in life. Happy birthday, BOO!!!

Every moment with you is very dear to me and I’m glad you’re mine forever. Today’s a special day because someone special was born on this day some years ago. For your birthday, I wish you a wonderful birthday full of grandeur moments, laughter and unending happiness. I love you tenderly. Happy Birthday to you, my King.

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Paragraph For Boyfriend

From the moment I first saw you, I knew that we were going to have something special. It was just how when we came together, we found ourselves in our own world.

Some girls want expensive clothes, designer brands and fancy jewelry but all I want is you and I am so happy that my wish came true. You are absolutely amazing. the most amazing person I have ever met. I love you!

Just remember that no matter what I will be here, and I intend to stay a lot longer than you can imagine. I hope you know that I will adore you without restraints and this shall never change.

Having you in my life comes with happiness and joy that is boundless, just as much as your love for me is eternal. You’ve always cared for me and loved me, you still loves and cares about me, and I want you to know that I will forever cherish and love you till the end of time.

I can’t imagine a future without you because you’ve changed my life in such wonderful ways. Don’t ever stop being the superhero I know you are inside. You want to make a difference and help others…that’s one of many reasons I love you.

There aren’t enough words in the dictionary for me to tell you how glad I am to have you in my life. I am so lucky to have you by my side. Everything you do for me never goes unnoticed.

I want you to know that any moment I see you walking away, I find sadness in my heart. I can’t do without your presence. I find the world too boring without you. I am willing to be yours for the rest of my life.

Birthday Paragraph For Boyfriend

Ever since that moment, I’ve been braced with confidence to stand alone and defeat all trials and tribulations. This was made possible by you and you alone. And today being your birthday, I want to show the world how much I love and cherish you.

I pray for you on this special day of yours that you will always have a reason to smile and be grateful today and all the days of your life. Long life, unending happiness, good health of mind and body are my heartfelt wishes for you today and all the days of your life. Happy Birthday, my darling. Do have a great time ahead.

Dear Boyfriend, I’ve never met such a hard-working boyfriend. You put in long hard hours on the sofa and give so much of your efforts in sports watching. Keep up the good work, babe. Wishing you a happy birthday.

Your presence makes my heart filled with gratitude, my life more meaningful, my world more beautiful and peaceful. I bless God for keeping you alive to witness and celebrate another birthday, and for your birthday, I wish you long life and prosperity. I love you beyond words. Happy Birthday to you, my love.

I’m so blessed to have someone special like you. On your birthday, I wish you good health, joy and long life. You always inspire me to be a better person and I’m glad to be with you. Happy Birthday to you, my one and only.

I’m so blessed to have you in my life. You’re a rare gem and I will always cherish every single day with you. For your birthday, I wish you all the best things that life has got to offer. I wish you all the joy and happiness in the world and may all your wishes come true today and always. I love you more than you can imagine. Happy Birthday, sweetheart.

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Paragraph For My Boyfriend

Thank you for being the main support in my life. Our love is sturdy, unshakable, and unbreakable. You make me feel complete; I can’t find the right words to thank you. Thank you for being in my life. I love you.

hanks for always meeting my needs even before I ask. I want to say thank you for all the big things that you do, but especially for the seemingly little things. You are such a perfect gentleman and I am lucky to have you all to myself.

From the day you came into my life, my life has been full of happiness. There is no single day I have been sad. Thank you for coming into my life. I am blessed to have you. I love you.

Thanks for letting me soar baby. Thanks for encouraging me, and assisting me to ensure I achieve my dreams. Your kind with such a heart of gold is rare. I love you beyond words.

You are the one that completes my joy, I cannot be able to express how exactly I feel about you, words alone cannot fulfill that, but in all, know that you are that special man, whom I can never forget.

Our being together was not by accident, but rather destined to be. Sometimes I wonder whom else would have meant all that you meant for me. I thank God for bringing you across my way.

Love Paragraph For Boyfriend

There are many complications with “Love at first sight,” but I felt a sense of forever the first day we met. I want us to be together today, I want us to be together tomorrow, and I want us to be together forever.

Eternity is too short for us to stay together, so anyone that’s watching for us to break up should be ready to wait forever. Just like plants need sunlight and water, that’s how I need you. When you tell me you love me, I climb to the highest heavens and your love holds me from falling down. My sweetest memories are those with you in them. I love you.

It’s always a blessing when you are around, I fell in love when I should, and It’s all because of you. I noticed the honesty in your eyes when you said “I Love You” but I believed it when you made me love you too.

I break down when you’re away and I’ll tell you why. It’s because I feel lost, seeing that our identities are tied together. It’s because I feel uncontrollably weird seeing that you are the normal partner for me. I feel incomplete seeing that we were made for each other. I feel sad seeing that I genuinely laugh and smile with you around. I love you.

Nothing compares to what we share. It’s an unimaginable blessing filled with sweet feelings of love. I always think of you at all times. I pray to God for more years to spend with the man that makes my day lovely. You are my sunshine.

All my life, I’ve always wanted someone like you and now I’ve found you, so I’ll never let you go. You’ve never given me a reason to rethink my love for you. Anyone who advises me against being with you will be ignored because I can’t do without the perfect love I share with you. It may sound crazy, but holding onto you is a choice I’m sure is right. I love you.

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Appreciation Paragraph For Boyfriend

Thanks for helping me attain such great heights. I can only pray that God rewards, blesses and increases you on all sides, for my sake. You are the best boyfriend ever and any other one is a counterfeit.

If love should be counted, that means all the known numbers would not be able to represent the number of love which I have for you, my love for you is limitless and numberless, I love you so much.

There is so much I have learned from you, especially to matters that relate to the heart. Without you in my life, I do not know where I would be today. You are the happinessOpens in a new tab., joy and peace in my life. I love you my dearest.

I was thinking about what to compare you with, then I remembered the star, I realized that you cannot be the star because stars do not shine all day long, I then remembered the moon, yet the moon always comes out in the night. You shine always and every time, therefore I have not seen any other thing to compare with you my love.

You have always been there right from the beginning and not only have you proved to be an amazing lover, you have also shown me what a great best friend, brother, and amazing father you will be. Kisses.

Sweetheart, you have played a big role in shaping my career and dreams. I am blessed to have you in this journey of life. I truly love you with all my heart.

I owe all this victory to you darling, I couldn’t have gone so far in a short time on my own. I sincerely appreciate you, and all your contributions and support in every possible way. I love you even more right now.

Long Paragraph For Boyfriend

I know you are probably asleep, and dreaming about us. I want you to know, I’m doing the same, just with my eyes wide open. You have no idea how much I like you, how much I love talking to you, how much you make me smile and how much I wish to wake up next to you.

Words will always fail me to express how much I love and cherish you every day. I love you more than love itself. Each sunrise reminds me of your cute and charming smile, and I hope you have an amazing day ahead of you.I love you, my darling.

I can’t imagine a future without you because you’ve changed my life in such wonderful ways. Don’t ever stop being the superhero I know you are inside. You want to make a difference and help others…that’s one of many reasons I love you.

When I was trying to sip my cup of coffee, I was about to take the first sip when I heard a voice that whispered to me that I don’t have to drink it alone. Then, I remembered that I should have first asked you if you have taken your own cup of coffee. Come and have your own cup, my love!

Let me take a minute to say a big thank you to the love of my life, my prince charming and guardian angel. Today won’t be complete without me giving honor to whom it is due, and that is you. Thanks for standing by me and giving me all the needed support.

You are a rare diamond, you are a unique creature, so gentle and kind hearted. Thank you so much for accepting me just the way I am, thank you so much for opening your heart to accept me wholly, you will forever remain that man whom I will always love.

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A Paragraph For Your Boyfriend

With you by my side, I feel something. I feel the storm coming, and I think the heavens are coming down. I wish to feel this way forever. Sometimes, I wonder how life would have been without you. It would have been a nightmare no one wishes to have. I love you for making my life beautiful.

I’ll never leave you because your presence is a definition of heaven to you. I’ll never withhold any good from you because, being a part of me, I’ll just be holding back from myself in a way. I’ll always trust you because you’ve proven that you’re worthy of it. I’ll never forget you because you’ve touched my life in ways that are printed on my memory. I love you.

A million stars, a million tears and more, I will give it to you. Because the way I feel when we are around is the true definition of love. I want to kiss your lips and hold you tight. I want to look great for you because I want you to know how precious you’re to me.

I spin out of control when I’m in your hands and I feel safe there too. I love you, not for what you have but, for what you are. If I see another like you, I’ll assume its a hologram of you. You are beautiful, lovely and excellent as far as I can see. I want you as my man and can never have enough of you. You are the best gift I ever got. I love you, my sweetheart.

I feel good, and I want you to do the same. This moment is special and worth enjoying. I love you, my man, and I will always be your woman, every second, every hour, every year. You’re the King of my heart. We have a bright future ahead of us.

You came into my boring life and made it fun. You came into my normal life and made it more beautiful and exciting than I could ever have expected. You are an angel to me. In fact, an angel that’s not like you is not an angel to me. I want you in my life for as long as we are alive and I’m ready to never let you go. I love you and it’s true.

Sweet Paragraphs For Your Boyfriend

There is something new about the way you smile. It makes the wind cease, my heartbeat stop, and I believe you’ve stolen my heart. I love you and need your love every day. Love is everything when you love someone, but it gets beautiful when someone loves you back. My love is for you both now and forever.

I love you madly and you affect my sanity. I love you generously because I know that I was made for you and you for me. I love you wholly because no one can replace you in my life. I love you exceptionally because your awesomeness is the highest I’ve ever encountered. I love you greatly and you and I are the greatest pairs ever. I love you, darling.

My heart knows what it wants, and we both know that it wants and adores someone special. Every moment with you is amazing, and I can’t trade it for anything in the world. You built that strong foundation of love in my heart. The most adorable thing on earth, my love for you is strong. I love you, dear.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but I’m certain that everyone — and not just certain people — knows you’re beautiful. You are lovely and generous. If you are not in my life, o doubt your place will be taken, because your kind is rare. You must have been outside earth because you are so awesome in an unearthly way. I love you madly.

Our connection is divine. The foundation is on trust, fun, and honesty. That’s one of life’s precious gifts to me. Allow me to show you how sweet, cute and enjoyable love can be. Let me hold your hands throughout your life. Allow me to be your lady, forever. I love you, my special one.

The sight of you sends me straight to the moon and the excitement from your touch is heaven. The sweetness I get from your presence is more than what I get from honey and my love for you only grows up. There’s no one in my life who can mean what you’ve meant to me and I’ll give up a lot to keep you. I see love in you and I appreciate it. I love you, my baby.

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Good Morning Paragraphs For Your Boyfriend

The moment you wake up, all my problems seem to disappear. It is as if you control the sun and bring light into my life. You make my day better. You make me smile. I don’t know how you do it, but my life seems worth living when I think of you. Good morning.

I want to appreciate you for loving me and showing me the kindness that I have been searching for; I want to be with you no matter the condition whether in storms or in rain. I will always be by your side to support you whenever you need me most. Good morning!

You are the most adorable, loving, handsome, sweet, perfect, and cute man in my life. I feel so lucky to have you with me. I love waking up next to you and spending my life with you. I love you, and I wish you a wonderful day.

I have never felt a love as refreshing as the one you give to me. Life is finally smiling at me because you brought happiness into my world. Thank you for delighting me with the best care in the world.

The little things you say to me put a smile on my face, irrespective of my mood. You can effortlessly lift me from the lowest mood by just being there. You are the best boyfriend anyone could have asked for. I am so blessed to have you. Have an amazing day.

It isn’t enough to say “I love you” all the time. Those three words cannot describe how I feel. You make my hands shake and my tummy to fall. There is no one I can love as much as I love you. Good morning!!!

Happy Birthday Paragraph For Boyfriend Copy And Paste

You opened my eyes to love and happiness. You’ve made my life complete ever since the day you walked into it. I miss the touch of your hands on my skin. I want to let you know how much I love you on your special day. Happy birthday, my heartthrob!

My love, you deserve all the happiness, peace, love, and joy in life. These and many more are all I wish for you on this special day of yours. I pray that your birthday will bring you all your good heart desires and may the good Lord continue to watch over you, guide you and favor you in all your endeavors. Happy Birthday to you, baby.

Wishing a wonderful birthday to the man, whom I love most. This is for giving me so many wonderful memories and I believe that there are more yet to come. Happy birthday, honey, wishing you many years of greatness. Love you, my heart’s desire.

You’re rare and special to me, and not a day goes by that I’m not thankful for having you in my life. You add beautiful meaning to life with your presence in my life and I want you to know that I’m indeed blessed to have you. Thanks for coming into my life. Thanks for always being there and I love you forever. Happy Birthday!

I bless the day you came into this world. You’re a blessing to me and everyone that comes across you. I hope this day brings you all the goodness that you wish for, as you deserve it, and even much more. Do have a wonderful celebration.

You’re the best part of my life and I will forever be grateful to God for blessing me with someone special. Today’s your birthday and I wish you all the joy and happiness in the world because you deserve it. Happy Birthday, my prince charming.

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Long Love Paragraphs For Your Boyfriend

Let me share this secret with you. The world will get to know it later, but know that you are one person who lights up my world. I want to let you know that I love you so much. You can now tell the world later. Your smile, your cute face, and your love. All these things make my world amazing. I’ll never stop letting you know how much I am into you.

Looking at your eyes is the only rocket that can send me to the moon, to feel the cold of pleasure, to the sun, to feel the warmth of passion, and to the stars, to feel the fun of dance. You are me in a masculine frame and is only perfect for me. How much I can do without you around, I guess you know how little it is. I love you and will hold you forever

When I look deep into your eyes, I see the calmness and power you possess. You are my precious man. I wish to appreciate you today because you’re that perfect match that completes me. Even if I could change anything about you, I won’t because you are just awesome the way you are. Thank you for being my awesome lover.

Thanks for coming into my life, because you’ve filled it with joy. Thanks for being a part of my world because you’ve made it a park of fun. Thanks for being my partner because you’ve given me reasons to smile genuinely. Thanks for being my man because your entry into my laugh brought laughter along with it. I love you and I’m sure you do too.

Your love is strong and compelling. It got my heart, enslaved my mind, and I can’t do anything with my head. I have no regret because, with your love, I’m a winner. The moments we share were the most loving memories I ever had. They are the best, and it’s a gift worth keeping for the rest of my life.

With you in my life, I can finally rest. I spent my whole life searching for someone who’s perfect for me, someone whose pieces match mine perfectly, and the search came to an end when I found you. Even when I lose my head, I know you love me. You fill me up with lots of love and you bring a spark to my soul all the time. I love you and I don’t think I have a choice.

Relationship Love Paragraph For Boyfriend

It grew slowly like single maize on rocky ground. Suffered many obstructions, but it overcame everything. I love you so much for allowing our love to grow.

I once thought it was impossible to find perfect love and just when I settled for anything — anyone — I found you. Maybe it was a blessing because if I’d been overprotective, I may never have met you. Just like a miracle, you happened to me and now my life is so beautiful that I wonder. What will I be without you? I love you more than I can express.

Babe just wanted to let you know that if anyone tries to flirt with me- whether it’s in person or over a text message- I will proudly let them know that I am in a very committed and loving relationship with my amazing boyfriend.

I tried all I could to find love with others unsuccessfully, but I did not have to make an attempt to find love in you. You came into my life with all the specifications of the man of my dreams, making my dreams real — tangible. With you, I’m at an all-time high and ready to live the good life ahead that you provide. You are golden to me and I love you with everything in me.

I once had a competition with adjectives, and I won because adjectives failed to give me a word that described how much you mean to me. I love you more than words could ever describe.

I’ll never think you’re not enough for me. You’ve proven over time that I’m your number one and that you have me at the top of your mind always. I love the way you treat me and I don’t expect anyone to treat me as precious as that. There’s a place in my heart called love and the largest part of it is reserved for you. I love you to the moon, sun and stars.

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Cute Paragraphs For Your Boyfriend To Wake Up To

Life gets sweeter and easier with you in it. Love gets more beautiful and more perfect when shared with you. Hope gets stronger and harder when you are around. Faith gets richer and bigger when you’re in the picture. My heart is satisfied with you and there’s no one to take your place. I love you from the depth of my heart.

I want to be with you and only you for the rest of my life. I want to be with you forever baby. You are the only one for me, I promise you that, and only one I will ever need in my life.

Even if I’m left with nothing, you are enough for me. Even when the days are dark, you are bright enough for me. Even if things are hard, you make life easier for me. There’s no one that is qualified to take your place in my life. Anyone who thinks he can be half of you to me is a daydreamer. I love everything about you and the love I have for you can’t be measured.

You have truly changed my life in ways you will never understand. Everything was going wrong in my life until the day I made you. You have made and always make everything in my life better. You make my heart skip a beat from your cute good morning paragraphs to those adorable nicknames you come up for me.

We can’t be fine without ourselves, I’ll tell you why. We smile genuinely and laugh truly when we spend time and have fun together. Only the sight of ourselves makes our hearts leap for joy. There’s no better person for me than you and I’m sure its the same for you. I can’t wait to see the great and beautiful things the future hold for us. I love you greatly.

You are my world. I’ve honestly fallen deeply in love with you and I am not afraid to say it. We have been through thick and thin and we are still going strong. I can’t imagine my life without you by my side. I love you so much I can’t even explain it! Forever and ever baby.

Paragraph For Boyfriend Birthday

Happy birthday to the one who has taught me that romance is so much more than hugs and kisses, but also moments of simply being in one another’s presence and pushing each other to our best. Have a wonderful day, my love!

Thank you for being supportive and protective. You know I love you right? Well, I do. I’m so blessed to have you. Thank you for your words of comfort, wisdom, and encouragement. Happy Birthday, my knight in shining armour.

It’s your birthday and I’m short of words. For your birthday, I wish you all the happiness in the world. May this special day of yours bring you all the best things in life. Happy Birthday, my prince charming.

I never had a reason to be sad ever since you came into my life. For your birthday, I wish you all the happiness in life. Thousand times I’ve fallen and thousand times you’ve picked me up. Thanks for always being there. Happy Birthday, my knight in shining armour.

The most loving birthday wishes to my amazing boyfriend, who is always there for me, who listens to me and calms me. You love, kindness, smile, gentleness, make you a perfect boyfriend. You are mine and always will be. Happy Birthday to my sweetheart.

Even though the moon stops glowing or the earth stop rotating, I will never stop loving you. Happy Birthday to you, my darling baby boy.

Relationship Paragraphs For Boyfriend

You’re my everything and I mean that. I will never forget all of the fun things we’ve done together and the amazing times we have spent together. You have my heart forever and always and nothing will ever change that.

True love heals a lot of ills and negativities. That’s why I know you love me. That’s why I know that our relationship is the perfect kind. You’re divine and a special way of affecting my mind. I don’t know how you do it, but if o ever get a news that we can’t go on again, I’m very sure I’ll be suicidal. There’s no place for another in my life. I love you madly.

I have a confession to make: I have fallen in love with you. I feel as though you and I are meant to be together. I’ve found my soul mate, and that’s something that only happens in the movies. It’s a magical experience and I’m going to hold on to you.

The best kind of person to have is someone like you and the best among them is you. If someone asks me why I’m with you, I’ll simply tell them that I can’t take stock of the reasons because the memory needed to store such information is larger than the best the earth has seen. I’m one person that’s proud to be in love. I love you so much.

I know I say “I love you” all the time, but that’s not enough. Those three words can’t describe the way I feel about you. You make my tummy do flips and my hands shake. I’ve never loved anyone as much as I love you and I don’t think I will ever love someone this much again. You’re everything I have ever wanted and needed. I love you so much, you’re my everything, my entire heart, and world.

You’re a treasure to me and a source of peace and security. I feel safe, alive and loved when I’m with you and I can’t feel the way I feel with you when I’m with another person. You’re the sweetest and most lovely thing to happen to me and before I forget, even if you lose everything you have, you can be sure that I’ll be here forever, loving you. I love you.

Paragraphs To Send To Your Boyfriend

We live in a time where feelings are faked, but one truth I can’t deny is my feelings for you. We live in seasons where things go wrong but being with you is one right thing I know of. We live in a world where a lot of things are planned but falling in love with you is a real action that came at the right time, unplanned. I love you and can’t deny it.

Every day is a blessing to me because I keep recalling how much meaning you have added to my life.
I can’t believe that my life is much more amazing than it used to be. That’s because of your love.

Moments like these are the kind I wish last forever. If having you is a reward, then I must have done something really good. You are the best person I’ve ever come across and been with you is like a trophy to me. Living for you is something I’m proud of too. There’s no reward that I’ll get that I’ll prefer to you. I love you without fear.

I live today full of hope and expectancies because you have shown me what it’s like to be loved. Every moment of my life is now worth living because even if I fall to my feet, I always have you to pull me up to continue.

I can’t keep a secret from you because you’re a part of me and the reason I can easily share with you is because I’ll be losing nothing. Holding back from you feels like I’m holding back from myself in a way. Your joys are mine and so are your pains. My love has you as its primary target and I’ll never give up on our relationship. I love you forever, Darling.

I can’t imagine a simpler or more comfortable life than the one I’m living right now. You made me the best in your world, and you became the very best in mine. I can’t do without you darling.

Cute Paragraphs To Send To Your Boyfriend

There are so many very sweet things about you that pointing out the sweetest will only cause confusion. The beautiful things about you are so much and all are very pleased that I think its impossible for anyone to disagree with the fact that you’re perfect. You’re so beautiful, in and out, up and down, front and back, right and left. I love you a lot.

Your love is one stone I find hard to turn over. The feeling I’m having right now is simply out of the world. Countless times I’ve felt like the wealthiest person in the world because I’ve someone who means everything to me.

I’ve done my private research on love and I’m yet to see a reason why anyone will say we haven’t broken the record for the greatest love shared between two humans. I’ve been to places, seen things, met with people, and I’ve seen nothing half as beautiful as what we have for each other. I want you and no one else. I love you beyond what anyone will ever know.

I’ve always known and appreciated the specialty in you and only your love brings amity and solace to my world. I can’t love you enough baby, can I love you forever? I have a truckload of load that can last a lifetime.

I can see the depth of the love you carry within you, for me, and the great height of it is both pleasing and frightening. I can see the things we’ve been through together and the experiences are exciting. I need no other affirmation to know that you’re the one for me. You’re beautiful in a lot of ways and I like everything about you. I love you so much.

Long Paragraphs To Send To Your Boyfriend Copy And Paste

Your smiling face encourages me to keep living. I’ve felt real love with you, and it has made me realize that true love exists under your care and affection. The things you do for me blows my mind away.

Beyond time, my love for you is forever. Beyond distance, my love for you is everywhere, no matter how far or near. Beyond activities, my love for you can make me do anything at any time, anywhere. I desire you and want to always be with you. You are the biggest influence in my love life and I will keep you as mine forever. I love you with all my soul.

I enjoy the warmness of your heart. It soothes my soul and reassures me that better days are coming.
I want to feel the tenderness of your body, that tells me, I won’t face the future alone. I love you bae. I need you in my life forever.

There’ll be cold days but I’ll hold you as my source of warmth. There’ll be hot days but I’ll feel cool as long as I have you. I’ll always love you, have you and hold you. I’ll treat you like a king. I feel like a queen with you and I’m proud to be your girl. I hope you stay here forever and I know I can’t do a lot without you. You are dear to me. I love you with all my heart.

Never knew I was worth loving; I never knew I would mean anything to someone. It’s surprising, yet joyous to know that I’m having someone special in my life. I love you, baby.

If I lose everything I have today, but still have you, then I’ll be okay. If I gain everything today, but not with you, I’ll treat it with less — far less — celebration. You deserve every bit of love I shower on you. I’m loving you more and more every day and it will never come to an end. There’s a lot I can tell you, but this paragraph won’t do justice to it. I love you.

Long Sweet Text Messages To Send To Your Boyfriend

You have made me the luckiest person on the planet. I gained this status from the day you became mine. Thanks to heaven for allowing me to find someone so special like you.

Everything may spin out of control, but I’ll feel certain of the future with you by my side. Everything may deviate from what I predict, but I’ll feel positive as long as you’re with me. Every day may be a newer shade of terrible, but no horrors surpass the thoughts of losing you — even for a day. And I really can’t quantify the love I have for you. I love you without measure.

I can’t describe you with the words: amazing and beautiful because you are beyond that. You are the bliss in my life, the smile on my lips, the only person I wish to see every day.

If I get separated from you today, I may complain, but I’ll know that with you I had the greatest time of my life. If I die today, I’ll know that I found the perfect complement before leaving the earth. If there’s nothing else I can do, with you I can say I’ve done all I enjoy doing. I never wanna leave you and will do all I can to hold you close forever. I love you and I’m very proud of it.

My love for you is beyond words because I feel I don’t deserve all the good things you bring to me.
I can’t repay the unquantifiable love and care my world receives from you.

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