Romantic Happy Birthday Poems For Her From The Heart

Happy Birthday Poems For Her – Birthday is an event mostly appreciated by anyone because it is an annual occasion that is celebrated with joy and happiness. Sending birthday wishes, messages, and cards to your friends, family member, and colleagues is very important. But there’s more than just sending birthday greetings to your loved ones. Poems are lyrical and they get stocked into the heart of the listener who’s reading with no doubts.

Looking For Birthday Poems For Her? Without a doubt, we all know the baby girl or lady you are sending Birthday poems for her,Opens in a new tab. Happy birthday poems for her, Poem for my daughter on her birthday, Short birthday poems for her will definitely be going to appreciating your gesture for the poem card and your birthday package of gifts you present to them on their special day.

Happy Birthday Poems For Her
Romantic Happy Birthday Poems For Her From The Heart

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Birthday Poems For Her

Your birthday is just around the corner,
And I already feel like it is here.
You look so beautiful, and extravagant,
I do not have the right words to qualify such beauty,
One that the world has never experienced
I pray to the angels today,
That they hear your prayers,
And deliver your wishes on a platter of gold,
You are the best thing that has ever happened
To this life and it would be a mistake,
Not to let you know how much I love you.
I can feel your birthday just around the corner,
And it feels like it is here already….


You remember, you forget
I always remember
All you think, you feel
Is little, compared to
what I think about you today
I will always remember
How I cherished today and
Will cherish it forever.


You’re the prettiest girl around,
your happiness always leave me to dumbfound
I love being around you, you’re the best thing I’ve found.
Today’s your special day,
I love you so much My life is always brighter,
brighter with your touch


My love for you shall never pause,
Strong and determined with all our flaws.
It endures and doesn’t judge,
Never holds a lasting grudge.
Generous, loyal, always kind,
To your outer layer blind.
Surely, opposite of rude,
My beating heart I must include.
On your birthday, my love for you,
From the clouds, a perfect view.
Moments, memories, a year gone by,
I’m here for you, don’t you cry.
My love for you lives by the truth,
Always keeps me, in my youth.
When it sees, our trust and hope,
It climbs and conquers any slope.


From the beginning, we made it through,
Conquered oceans; mountains too.
On your birthday, I’m here for you,
Our special love; let us review.

The moment I laid, my eyes on you,
I hoped for love, my heart just knew.
You stared upon me, with eyes so true,
Our deep attraction only grew.

It was time for loves debut,
Everything just felt so new.
Gazed at stars, with a midnight view,
Temptations filled, I saw your cue.

In the skies, an angel flew,
Carved our path, we did pursue.
A bond so strong; far and few,
Forever love, I must, Thank you!

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Happy Birthday Poems For Her

You’re the prettiest girl around, your happiness always leave me to dumbfound
I love being around you, you’re the best thing I’ve found.
Today’s your special day, I love you so much
My life is always brighter, brighter with your touch.


My angel descended on a day like this,
the heavens cried for what they would miss,
as you are an angel like no other,
a beauty inside and out.
I was lucky to have found you first
and even luckier as we fell in love.
Laughter crackled with your mirth,
and you made me the happiest man on earth.
One fine day, as we tied the knot,
I pledged to keep you safe and sound
and to always resist our every strife.
for you are the best and sweetest wife!
Happy Birthday my angel!


Your love for me
Has always been enduring
I hope I can return it with
The affection which is everlasting
Your respect for me
Has always been inspiring
I hope I can return it with
Loyalty which is unflinching
Your commitment to me
Has always been never-ending
I will return it with my love
Which is true and undying
Happy birthday


Happy birthday to my darling wife,
who has become the center of my life,
I always love when this day is here,
As it’s another reason to hold you near,
another moment for special embraces,
another reminder of your good graces,
another day to love you more,
and another day to thank god for!
May this day bring fond memories,
that would last lifelong!
I love you my love, one and only.


If time could stand still, I’d freeze it here,
So you’d always hold me, close and near.
In your arms, where I’m meant to be,
Filled with the perfect love you’ve given me.

A bond so strong, a hold so tight,
To know you’re the one; my ‘Mr. Right’.
A blessing sent from up above,
In you, I’ve found my one true love.

Our lives entwined to be as one,
Upon this journey, we’ve just begun.
Where you and I will find no less,
Then eternal love and happiness.

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Poem For My Daughter On Her Birthday

You are a light, a bright one,
And I would love for you
To shine very bright today
I have waited for so long for this day,
Now that it is finally here,
I would implore you to listen to everything
That I have to say to you
You are beautiful beyond words,
Today you will experience an abundance of everything,
You will be a queen all the days of your life.
That is my prayer for you honey.
Do not forget just how beautiful you are,
And how proud I am that you are my baby girl.


So many nights
I hold you close
Kissing you seems unending
I look to the sky,
My heart rings like a bell,
My mind Concours
forcing the openings of my mouth
and feet to move
If I want a desire every year
on this day, is to give u
More than a kiss.
Happy birthday to you, my Queen.


Please accept these birthday flowers,
Filled with love, from random showers.
Thought of you, when I picked them out,
Grown and nourished, from a tiny sprout.
Graceful, like a, rose in full bloom,
Known as the most, natural perfume.
Beautiful scents remind me of you,
Make you smile, in my soul, I just knew.
Beauty surpassed oceans and sky,
One is special; never go dry.
Charming and humble, storms made her strong,
Hereby my side truly belongs.
Delivered from the depths of my heart,
Symbols of love, I wish to impart.
Looking at you, everything is clear,
This most beautiful flower, it is you, my dear!


I may never be able to become
A husband as amazing and awesome
As the wife, you have been to me
And changed the course of my destiny
If I can be even an ounce of what you are
I will be able to take my life really far
Until I catch up with you, sweetie
I want you to keep inspiring me
Happy birthday


I have waited for this day all year,
To celebrate your birth, my dear.
My love for you, words cannot explain,
I will always cherish; our dances in the rain.
When we are just a day apart,
I feel empty and sad, in my heart.
You mean absolutely, everything to me,
With you by my side, I feel so free.
On this special day, I just want to say this,
Happy birthday my love, here’s a Kiss!

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Short Birthday Poems For Her

Today’s your special day,
I want to make it yours, say
You surprise me in ways unknown, don’t you see?
I wanted to surprise you, a gift for you from me.
Have a happy birthday!


Cheers to you, seize this time
Everything you do is always sublime
I waited so long to finally say
Happy birthday my lover!


Today’s your special day,
I want to make it yours, say
You surprise me in ways unknown, don’t you see?
I wanted to surprise you,
a gift for you from me.
Have a happy birthday!


To the best girl on earth
I hope you understand your self-worth
You’re sweet, funny, and so kind
Better yet you have an open mind
You made me laugh when I wanted to cry
Not every hello has to end with goodbye
I know we’ll stay friends forever
Because I’ll support you in every endeavor

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Birthday Love Poems For Her

You are so good to me baby girl,
And I feel like it is my duty to worship you,
You are proud and full of so much integrity,
You are a star and a voice that should be heard,
I am so lucky to be your man,
You make the unholy things in me holy,
You make the dark things in me shine bright,
You make the bad things in me become well,
You make the poor looking things in me brushed up,
I really feel like it is my duty to worship you,
Because I love you to the moon and back.


The day you were born
The day you first cried
As you grew from cradle to a teenager
to adulthood
I bless your mum
For keeping you for me
I bless your mum
Today I bless the Princess
from a Queen
Which showered me with love
Oh, I bless your mum.


On a day such as this there
is only one thing I could say
that wouldn’t even come close
to say how I feel about you.
I love you. You outshine the sun,
you flatter the moon,
You break all the star’s little hearts
as they shoot across the sky for you.
Today is your birthday it is all just for you
and I hope all your dreams will come true.
Happy birthday, babe…


I will be your birthday love,
We shall dance, like a gorgeous dove.
Let me fill your day with joy,
Like a child, with a brand new toy.
I will be your birthday love,
We shall watch the stars above.
Let me hold you really tight,
Like a child, with a brand new kite.
I will be your birthday love,
We shall fit like a hand and glove.
Let me ignite this celebration,
Like a child, during graduation.


Happy birthday my special love,
Shining bright, like the sun above.
You fill my days with laughter and joy,
Beautiful smile, I sincerely enjoy.

Happy birthday my special love,
We fit together, like a hand and glove.
You’re always there by my side,
Internal nourishment, you provide.

Happy birthday my special love,
Your elegance and style resembles a dove,
I love you dearly, with my entire heart,
It aches in pain when we’re apart.

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Birthday Poems For Girlfriend

I am glad that I will be married
A beautiful woman like you
One thing I will never regret Is saying, I do
Apart from a beautiful gift
I also want to give you a kiss
Which will show you how much
You make my life a bliss
Happy birthday


The day I found you
when you wore those smiles
I never knew it was your special day
for I bless that day
If I hadn’t found you,
would my eyes ever see?
For your love swallows me
I bless that day
Which always brings today
And puts me in paradise.


Happy birthday to my darling,
Her smile is everything and the only thing,
That I ever crave for,
When she smiles, my heart dances in joy,
My heartbeat increases in tempo and my son start to race,
Baby girl I just want to let you know today
And every other day,
That I will never trade you for anyone or anything
You satisfy me in so many ways,
You help in so many ways.
I love that smile of yours,
It is the only thing that keeps me going.
Smile for me my love, it suits you.


I love you,
From our adventures and trips,
To those dances with hips.
I love you,
From teasing to laughter,
To those sweet kisses right after.
I love you,
From movies in soft cotton,
To those memories forgotten.
I love you,
From walks in the park,
To those talks in the dark.
I love you,
From morning to night,
To those scents of delight.
I love you,
From the depths of my heart,
To those birthdays that start.


My sweet, beautiful wife,
You always have been,
and forever will be,
the sole love of my life.
On your wonderful birthday,
I wish from my heart,
merriment and content,
to be right on your way!

Please do put the kids on the bed,
and make sure they sleep tight,
for I have made plans,
to whisk you away tonight!

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