Happy 4th Birthday Daughter Quotes From Mother And Father

Happy 4th Birthday Daughter –  Kids are precious gifts from God. They are the great joy and happiness of any family and they complete every couple. kids are so special in the family and it is our duty to treat them with such love and care that they could ever get from anywhere, their birthdays are oppurtunities to make them feel loved no matter what age they are.

Celebrating a 4 year old kid can be challenging sometimes as some of us have pretty tight schedules and might not find the appropriate words to apply on their birthday cards well not to worry in this article you will find some helpful birthday wishes for a 4 year old kid all you need do is select any of your choice, copy and edit to your taste.

Happy 4th Birthday Daughter
Happy 4th Birthday Daughter Quotes From Mother And Father

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Happy 4th Birthday Daughter 

May your 4th birthday be happier than your third, you are a blessing and we love you so much, continue to give us that beautiful smile forever and forever.

My cute and sweet angel is turning 4 today and it’s the most beautiful day for me. We are going to arrange the best birthday party ever. You will have the best cake, happy birthday to my queen.

I can’t believe it has been 4 years since you came to the family. I feel like only a couple of months ago, you came to us. It was the best thing that ever happened to my life. Today on your 4th birthday, I am sending all the good wishes and love for you.

I’m so proud to call this bundle of joy my own. You’ll always own all of my heart and I promise to be your guardian angel on earth. Happy 4th cake day, my baby girl. I wish you good health, longevity, and happiness.

Hey sweety, you are going to add all the brightness and happiness to my life. You are a little angel who changed my little at all, happy 4th birthday to you, sweety.

You are the best gift of my life.For that, I am grateful to GOD for giving me such a wonderful child.I wish you a very happy 4th birthday.

Happy 4th birthday to the best daughter in the world. You have added all the love and blessings to our life. From the day you came into our lives, everything changed and now we are complete.

May your life turns out as beautiful as the sweet lullaby songs you make me sing for you every night, my princess. Happy 4th birthday, sweetheart.

You are the biggest gift from the almighty to our life. We can’t express how happy we are to have you in our life, thank you so much, sweety, happy 4th birthday to you.

I wish you peace and pleasure for every moment of your life. May GOD give you packages of joy and happiness.I wish you a very happy and prosperous 4th birthday.

Happy 4th Birthday To My Daughter 

As you grow up, let the abundance love of the Lord follow your path every day of your life, and nothing is ever wanting. Happy 4th birthday, darling.

From the very first day, we knew that you are someone very special. And it’s true. I have never seen someone that awesome at such young age. I always pray for your good future so that you get so much happiness and success, happy 4th birthday to you.

You mean the world to me. I wish you all the things that’ll make your life colourful. Enjoy your 4th year on earth.

Now, you are 4 and it’s a very cute age. You are the smartest kid of that age, I have ever seen, happy 4th birthday to you.

My child is a treasure from above, tied with fun and love packs. Your smile, your charm and your pretty face, just gives me joy and takes me into space. On your 4th birthday, I pray GOD to cover you with the best of happiness and health.

Dear daughter, I want to thank you for being a part of my life. You are the best kid at this age. I always feel great and lucky to have you in my life, happy 4th birthday to you, dear.

Happy 4th birthday my love. Laughter and true happiness shall dwell with you for a lifetime. Four, sure, looks good on you, my princess.

You are the best gift to me, I always grateful to almighty for sending you to our life. We have started to have everything positive in our life after your entrance there, happy 4th birthday to you, dear.

My child, in this busy world, time goes by so quickly. I am far from you and we can not see ourselves talking, sharing and just being together as much as we want .. but you are always in my heart. Wishing you a very happy 4th birthday.

Dear daughter, you are going to turn 4 today and it’s going to be one of the best days in your life as we are preparing a big birthday party and your mom prepared some surprises for you, happy 4th birthday to you, dear.

Happy 4th Birthday Daughter Quotes From A Mother 

My Princess is 4 today! I wish you all-round favour as you grow. You will be a daughter that would always bring goodwill and pleasant manifestation to the family. I wish you all the best as you celebrate.

Congratulations to the 4 year old princess! On your special day, you can have fun today as a great queen. Wishing a lot of fun for you and your friends remember mum will alwayts be here for you.

I have never seen someone that much sweet and cute at this age. You are just the most wonderful kid ever in the world and i thank God for giving me the oppurtunity to birt you. Happy 4th birthday to you, dear.

Happy fourth birthday my little angel may the joy you’ve given me return to you in quadruple folds. Enjoy your new age, baby girl.

I have so many things to be thankful for, however, you’re top on the list. May your worth never diminish, my love. Happy birth anniversary.

Children are a gift offered by GOD, but you my dear child, you are the best of all the gifts never received. Thank you very much for being so charming my princess. Wishing you a very happy 4th birthday.

My beautiful Princess, cheers to an awesome 4 years of happiness and love with you. I wish you all-around happiness and joy in your soul. Happy birthday, my cutie!

Happy birthday, dear, a beautiful day is waiting for you. As we are the happiest parent in the world because our only child is turning 4 today and we are going to arrange a huge party for her.

My princess just turned 4 and I’m so in awe of such wonder. Just like yesterday, we had you in our arms. Happy 4th birthday, baby girl. No matter how old you grow, you’ll forever be my little princess. I adore you.

You are only 4 and you have a long way to you. I know you are very smart and you have the potential to do something huge in your life. My prayers are always with you, dear, happy 4th birthday to you.

Happy 4th Birthday Message To My Daughter 

This year shall mark the beginning of a beautiful journey in your life. Be ready to live life like a princess. Happy fourth birthday, love.

Every daughter is beautiful to their father, but you are not only beautiful but also a queen to me, happy 4th birthday to you, dear.

Because you can not know what to wish for, I want to make you four wishes today because you have spent four years, I wish you health, happiness, prosperity and a lot of love. Happy 4th birthday.

It’s natural to love one’s daughter, but it’s divine to know that your daughter cherishes you also. I pray that your 4th birthday will usher us into new hopes as a family. Happy birthday, daughter.

You have entered into your life and we have given you a lot of pleasure. We will always wear you as a jewel that you are. Happy 4th birthday girlOpens in a new tab.. Enjoy your day.

You are turning 4 today and it’s the sweetest stage of your life. My prayer is always with you, I want you to become very successful and do something huge in your life, happy birthday to you, dear.

May you make a great name for yourself as you continue to grow older my dearest. Happy fourth birthday, baby girl.

When I spend my time with you, it flies very faster. I can’t think of a single day without you, sweety. My life has changed completely from the day you came to me, happy 4th birthday to you.

You’re so amazing, you’re so funny and funny, even at this tender age. Whenever I remember your little tricks, I laugh so much. You look like your mother. Happy 4th birthday girl.

Your laugh is lifting and your screams and tantrums, I wish we could avoid that, but that’s what makes you special. I love the lovely woman in you.

Happy 4th Birthday To My Daughter Quotes 

Birthday blessings Princess. I wish you a life that speaks grace and peace to others. You are blessed and favoured before men and God. It’s a beautiful celebration and I celebrate you, dear.

You are the princess of your parents and God, enlighten your life and bless you with good luck. I wish you a nice 4th birthday.

Just like yesterday, I remember how little and fragile you were. I held you tightly in my arms and you are just so beautiful. I look at you today and see a strong woman in the making. Your strength will never go out. Enjoy your birthday, Princess.

For your 4th birthday today, I would like to give you bags and bags of hugs and kisses and wish that all your dreams come true. We wish you a happy birthday and a great year

Today, my queen is turning 4 and we are the happiest parent ever in the world. I want to thank Almighty who sends you to our life, happy 4th birthday to you.

I love the way you speak and the way you walk. You are a smart kid and I am so blessed to have you in my life. You are the best kid in the entire world, happy birthday to my cute angel.

You were the four-year-old baby girl I used to dream about. Thank you for making it into my life. Happy cake day, love.

Sweet little baby of the house, I wish you many happy returns. More candies and many more wins to you. Happy 4th birthday, baby girl.

May you never suffer nightmares but grow into a loving lady. Bask in the euphoria of your day, my beautiful four-year-old.

I have been so much touched and loved by you in past 4 years that I can’t even think of spending a single day without you. You are the biggest achievement of my life. I always pray for your good health and a beautiful life ahead, happy birthday to my wonderful daughter.

Happy 4th Birthday Daughter Letter 

Exceedingly and abundantly above all we, your parents can ask or think, that’s what we pray that God will provide for you and make a way for you today. Know that you are loved always. Happy fourth birthday.

Seeing a child up to four years old can be frustrating because you will think of many journeys that are waiting for them, but we are glad that you are with us. Happy 4th birthday!

My best moments are always with you. We have created all the beautiful memories and sweet things together, I am impressed with you, happy birthday to my sweetheart.

You are so smart. I wish you uncommon wisdom that’ll make you stand out and wherever you go, you shall be singled out for blessings. May this fourth year of your life make you happier than ever, baby girl.

I know as little as you are you have your dreams in your head already, may they all come to pass to make you happy, my baby girl. Happy fourth birthday.

I am sending all the love and good wishes to my sweet daughter on her birthday. Exactly 4 years ago, she came into this world and positively changed my life. I wish you many more years in good health an wealth on earth.

One thing I can say proudly, you are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in the entire world. I don’t think anything could be nicer than you. I am a blessed father to have you in my life, happy 4th birthday to my daughter.

Of all the four years that I know, you are the least annoying. That’s why I love you. I know you will not understand what I am saying now. It makes no sense to send you a birthday card, but I thought you might want to look back when you’re old and that will prove I’m the best uncle ever. Happy 4th birthday, little princess.

You have existed for 4 years in my life and I have experienced so many amazing things with you. I am so happy and lucky to have a daughter like you. You have brought a huge change in my life and I have been the luckiest mother ever, I love you so much.

Happy birthday, daughter! I have seen God changed our story because of you. You brought testimonies into our lives as a family. I pray that as you’re turning 4, all things will work together for good and you will live long.

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