Impressive Happy 12th Birthday Letter For Son And Daughter

Happy 12th Birthday Letter – Turning 12 is something cool for every kid trying to leave their childhood entering the teenage years. As a parent to someone celebrating their 12th birthday, it is your duty to make the moment unforgettable. Words written are always better than words said since one can read the words over and over again, and that can definitely make someone feel happy and lucky to have caring people around.

Birthdays are significantly remarkable for kids and as parents, it’s our duty to make such kids or days totally fun-filled for them. Getting gifts for your children is a really cool idea but also writing them birthday wishes will also make them feel loved. On such occasions, many parents are challenged with what to write or how to go about writing a birthday wish for their children which is why I’ve done a list of birthday wishes and quotes for children of both genders all you need to do is read through, copy any message of your choice and paste to your children.

Happy 12th Birthday Letter
Impressive Happy 12th Birthday Letter For Son And Daughter

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Happy 12th Birthday Son Letter 

Someone special like you should be celebrated especially. Here’s a toast for you, boy. Twelve wishes to you! You’re 12 today and I pray that all your wishes be granted. Enjoy this special age of yours. Happy Birthday, boy.

The day, you came into our lives, was the best day ever. Today, you are going to turn 12 and it has been a while, Happy 12th Birthday to the most wonderful son in this world.

Happy 12th Birthday to you, my dear son. You are the most amazing kid in this world, thank you so much for adding so much love and goodness to our life, we love you.

I love you more than anything in this world, I believe that you are the most valuable gift in my life from the almighty, Happy 12th Birthday to you, dear son.

I always pray for your good luck and amazing future, I want you to stay in love and blessings forever. Happy 12th Birthday to you, dear son.

On your 12th birthday, I am wishing you all the best and sending all the love and good wishes for your future, you are the best kid in this world, we love you, Happy Birthday to you, dear son.

I never thought that I would have a wonderful son like you in my life. I am so blessed and happy to have you in my life. You are the best, Happy 12th Birthday to you.

In the entire year, this is the best day for me, because it’s my son’s birthday. Today, my son is turning 12 and that’s a huge day for the entire family. Gradually, you are being a teenager, Happy 12th Birthday to you, dear son.

Sending all the good wishes and love for you, I know you will be someone special in your future, never look back, honey, Happy 12th Birthday to you.

It’s time to keep growing, you are a wonderful and brilliant boy, I know a bright future is waiting for you, Happy 12th Birthday to you, dear. The sky is your limit


Happy 12th Birthday To my Son Letter 

Happy 12th birthday, my dear son. I know you had quite a rough year but you fought and pulled through and that is something that should be celebrated. I wish you a lifetime of good health and happiness.

You are only allowed to have one zodiac sign for your whole life, but those 12-star signs got nothing on you even if they are combined because you are the greatest 12-year-old that I know. Your cuteness is truly out of this world. Happiest birthday to you!

To the most adorable 12-year-old in the entire universe, happy birthday to you! Everyone loves your charm so continue to be the cute little kid you exactly are.

From a pretty and cute little baby to a charming and wonderful little boy, now growing to become a man. I wish you all the best.

For each of the 12 months that pass by each year, I love you even more. And now that you’ve turned 12 years old, that means I love you 144 times more than the day you were born! Happy birthday!Opens in a new tab.

You are the most special kid in this world, and for that, we will surely be celebrating your birthday not just today but every day of this 12th year of yours! Happy birthday to our charming little prince

Hooray! You are now 12! I am certain that today is your happiest day because you can finally spend time with the big boys. Happy birthday young man!

I will be cheering for you twelve times today because you are turning 12! This is a very special moment of your life and it only comes once, so enjoy and have a blast! Happy birthday!

Happy 12th Birthday, if anyone asks for your age, tell them you are a dozen years of age, a dozen of everything is desired almost by everyone. Enjoy your special day.

For each of the 12 candles in your gigantic birthday cake today, I hope a wish of yours comes true because that is what amazing kids like you deserve. Happy birthday!


Happy 12th Birthday Daughter Letter 

Happy 12th birthday to my beautiful daughter. The outward look is one out of the many things we have in common and it is sweet to see you look just like me. I hope your dad doesn’t get jealous when you read this message out loud.

It is amazing you are turning 12 today. You have been a really good daughter and friend to me and I just had to attach this message to your gift to wish you the best birthday ever. Happy birthday my darling.

it’s your 12th birthday darling. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and your mum, I will always treat you like the angel that you are to me. Happy birthday little angel!

Having a twelve-year-old daughter is something I am proud of. I was a little scared when I had you because I wasn’t sure of being able to take good care of you but here we are, 12 years later. Happy birthday, sweetie, I wish you the best in life.

My wishes for you, darling daughter on your twelfth birthday is a journey through life devoid of hurdles, stress, and illness and filled with happy and good times. Happy wonderful birthday to you, may the rest of your life be good.

Happy 12th birthday dear daughter, you have brought immense joy into my life and I am writing you a beautiful quote to wish you a wonderful existence on earth.

It isn’t that easy being extraordinary, yet, you do it with such ease. That is why everybody loves you, for being amazing. So, my wish for you is to never stop being awesome and to keep making everyone around you love you, just with your presence alone. Happy birthday!

Happy twelfth birthday, baby girl! You truly made me incredibly happy ever since you were born. This day, I am planning to make your day to become even more special and happy.

Birthday comes once a year but celebrating you comes every day for me. Happy birthday to  the most beautiful and smartest person, I have ever seen growing up, may your days be filled with love dear daughter

Happy 12th birthday dear daughter, I hope that your birthday is every bit as darling as you are. May it be filled with unparalleled happiness and a lifetime’s worth of laughter and love. Happy birthday to the world’s greatest daughter!

Happy 12th Birthday Letter To My Daughter

Happy 12th birthday to my wonderful daughter.My best wishes to the girl who is trying to make money and be rich. May your 12th birthday be the start of the big wealth.

For all the joy and happiness you bring, you deserve to have the world today. Happy birthday to you, my daughter. I wish you all the goodness of life. May each passing day of your life brim with joy and peace

It’s your twelfth birthday my love and I am indebted to God for giving you to me as a gift, you’re such a blessing and wonder.  Happy birthday, my sweetheart, you are definitely going to do great things.

My favorite person in the world is a year older today. Happy birthday to you my love. Nothing can or will ever make us stop celebrating you. You are a special little girl and we love you with all our hearts.

My priceless jewel, watching you grow into this incredible little girl that you are now has been interesting and fun. Happy birthday my little girl. I wish you heavens best blessings

Writing birthday quotes for you isn’t quite easy because you have a lot of good qualities that I wouldn’t know which one to talk about and compliment you on. Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter. How does it feel to be 12 years old?

Today, tomorrow, and the day after, I would still be celebrating your birthday. Happy birthday my adorable daughter. You have totally stolen our hearts. I hope you keep them forever.

Every day, I am learning from you and every day I hope to be the guide you need as you set the bar for who you want to be as you grow up. In honor of your last pre-teen birthday, here is a list of lessons I’ve learned from you and a few I hope you are learning from me.

Of course, your smile lights up the room, but it is your laughter, your spunk, the sense of humor you get from your daddy….good heavens – your goofy faces (also a gift from your daddy) that can take a mood from dreary to delightful. You have a knack for knowing when to make people laugh – and you have taught me when to let go and giggle Happy twelfth birthday dear daughter

I have watched you explore this world and everything it has to offer for the past 12 years and it fills my heart with joy. Happy birthday, my beautiful daughter. I wish you the best of luck and an amazing time ahead. May your life become filled with love and happiness as you turn 12 years old today

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