Lovely Good Night Poems For Friends And My Love 2022

Good Night Poem – Most women actually value, meaningful love poems as a form of expression of love. While it can be difficult to express love to one another at times, as the night falls, you can show your girl how much you adore her and pour your heart out through these poems and I assure you it will bring bliss to your relationship.

Expressing your feeling via written words can be very difficult if not impossible but with this list of goodnight poems for loversOpens in a new tab. and friends, I believe expressing your feelings with words has been made a whole lot easier.

Good Night Poem
                                             Lovely Good Night Poems For Friends And My Love

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Good Night Poem

A Million Smiles

I hear myself with the shelling of the night
Break into a million smile
Thinking and sinking into ocean thoughts
You as a life jacket, you as a thought.

Whenever the windbreaks on my roof
It brings your scent and kisses like rain
It blows whispers of your name as my sweetness
So I find a reason to live above the clouds

No matter what thick blackness covers my room
My heart is full of light for you
Showing me moons and stars of you.
Know tonight’s, you will be the sun.

You Are A Startled Star

I want to be your blanket
Covering the troubles from you
Touching your fears like the bed
Gossiping with the sheets
Echoes of your heart.
I want to be your light
Guiding you through the night
Telling you I exist to chase your fears away
To right your wrong turns
To open your heart and let the love into mine.
I want to be your sound
Whispering past your ears, fixing words into your soul
Saying love, love, love. I want to be your sweet night love.

Short Good Night Poems

Night Is Time

The night is time to say goodbye to the past,
It is the time to wish for sleep all night that lasts.
It is time to under the blanket to get curled,
It is time to get lost in a dream world.
Good Night to you.

Sleep Well Tonight

The night is come by, so set your bed and go to sleep,
What lies ahead of you, are lovely dreams.
May all your problems and worries melt away,
Tomorrow is going to be a brand new day!
Good night!

Blissful Sleep

A day full of hard work to do,
You wait for the night and slip into your night shoe.
The faintest of music from far away,
And your tiredness escapes astray.
In comes, the moon streaming through your window,
And caresses you while you sleep through the night.
Good Night!

Good Night Love Poems For Her

This Is Not The End

We started with fresh mornings
Streaming through our lips
We touched forth our hearts
And laid our words with the sun.
We may have called today by its name
When goodbye found our ways
Know it is not the end
For my heart still beats for you.
Starlight holds these skies
But not my goodbyes, at least until the rain comes.
So while the night covers this day
Now, this is not the end. I love you all night.

Just Like The Moon

Just like the moon is bright
You become what is of light.
You came to show me to love right
These are moments I will always write about.

Just like the moon, you rule with ease
Bringing me freedom, love, and peace
And a heart with emotions that never cease.
I love how we love and also tease.

Just like the moon the white ruler and Queen
I will love you and be your King
I swear by the finger with the ring
My love has just my heart for you to sing.

If I was your blanket

If I was your blanket
We could cuddle all night long
If I were your pillow
You could rest your head on me all along
If I were your jammies
You could slip into my arms for many a hug
If I were your sheets
I could tease you with my tugs
But since I am not of these
All I will do is dream, about what I would do if I was next to you
So until I wake up in the morning
Life will be at a blissful pause
Good night

More than anything

More than anything, I wish we could hug things out
And Facetime or Snapchat all the time
And let everything about us be sublime
I know we can text, Facebook and Tweet
But I wish I could give you kisses so sweet
I wish we could snuggle and cuddle
As we talk about the future and everything about us
For now, Let me lay my head down and think about you
Goodnight, my love

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Good Night Poems For Friends

Reward Yourself With Sleep

After a long dry and a very tiring day,
the good old night is finally on your way.

It is time when the moon up there glows and gleams,
And the hour when it tells us to have sweet dreams.

So my dear friend reward yourself with sleep tonight,
Here I stop by your side, to wish you a good night.

I looked out from the sky

I looked out from the sky,
And saw the sparkling stars,
I thought about your smile,
I thought all the while,
As the day is about to end,
All the thoughts that mend,
Want to wish you a lovely night,
Sleep tight!

 Funny Heart

I have a funny heart
That knows no shame
As it beats ferociously
And flutters its wings excitedly
To the wind of your presence.
In your kindness,
You could suggest a heart check
To keep safe.
But I am fine
If not better
With my funny heart.

Dream World

The night is the time to say goodbye to the past,
It is the time to wish for sleep, all night that lasts.
It is the time to forget all your worries and troubles,
It is the time to allow your dreams to bubble.
So lay your head on your pillow tonight,
And don’t forget to hug your blanket really tight.
I wish you a very very good night!

When Sleep Bids My Desires Goodbye!

The evening sun slowly fades into the dark,
Gradually giving way for the moon to embark.
On a journey that may only last a few hours,
But leaves a glorious feeling like the sight of lovely flowers.
Try as I might to stay awake to enjoy the beauty of the night,
But sleep comes over and gives my hopes a good fight.
Good Night!

Sweet Dream Good Night Poems

I Can Never Compare You 

I can’t help but smile when thinking about you
As I lay in bed restless and wide awake
You are the only thing that calms my nerves
You are divine in every way. Your beauty
Your elegance and complete make up
All bring out an angelic expression in you
And that’s why I could never compare you
To anyone else in the world
I love you.
Goodnight, dear one.

When The Whole World Sleeps

During the dark time of the day
I know it is the night for me to find alone
To think of the kisses of the day
To wish to be held by this time.
When the world sleeps, you come in my dreams
Always showing the deep part of your heart
Telling of love
Whispering of laughter.
I want our shadows to feel each other
Let their weight be felt like you’re here
Come to me so we make magic happen
As I call you my girl
The light of my world.

Good Night Poem To My Love

The Warmness Of The Night

I have tried to express my feelings
In the waking of the day.
I have caressed your face in the heat of today,
Most times at night I feel the flutter of my heart.
I have always shone you how I feel
It is like how proud the moon sits for the skies
And the stars are in the splendor of my emotions
Tickling the skies
And showering light to those finding the dark.
No matter the blackness of the night.
Just so this night
Know it is not different from what I have always said
I will love you in the morning or at night.
I will let your emotions show me the light.

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