20+ Romantic Good Morning Poems for Him To Wake Up Too

Good Morning Poems For Him – Light up your man’s day by surprising him with a romantic good morning poem from bed. Everybody needs to feel cared for and sending your man a good morning poem will make him believe he’s on your first thought of the day and trust me he’s going to really appreciate it.

Writing a letter or message or poem has never been easy but it’s my joy to help you off the stress of brainstorming yourself for good morning poems and that’s why I have made this list of heartwarming good morning poemsOpens in a new tab. to copy and paste for him.

Good Morning Poems for Him
                                       Romantic Good Morning Poems for Him To Wake Up Too

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Good Morning Poems For Him

Lovely morning

This morning as I opened my eyes,
The first thing in my mind was you,
So, I thought I should pick up the phone,
And send your wish so new,
On this day so bright,
So here is wishing you, my love,
Very good morning to you!

Good Morning Kiss

With the clear blue sky and sun-kissed air,
The morning dewdrops are so precious and fair,
I want to hug you tight and kiss you,
And stay in that moment so endless,
My man, seeing you wake next to me,
I am full of joy and gladness you see,
Right now all I feel is my heart race,
As I long for nothing but your embrace,
While sleeping it is you I miss
And now it’s time for our good morning kiss.

 It’s All About You

From the moment morning visited
I woke up with a smile carved on my face
Leafing through my memories
You hardly lived far away.
I found how the morning is quick to blossom
On a bright day with love from the sun.
So I tell you how much you mean to me
Whether clouds decide to hold for the moon.
Mornings always come with scent of you
That is why I send this to you, my heartthrob.

Good Morning Poem For My Boyfriend

You Are My Cravings
Morning wouldn’t feel complete
If I do not say these words
Your voice in my ears becomes so sweet
Like the note of music-making melodious chords
For every second of the clock traveling to its home
You feel away but close in thoughts.
I still remember how my heart had to roam
Until you found me and brought flowers that heal a hurt.
You’re my perfection, a definition of my man
One I would show the world what makes me a woman.
At night are dreams of me and you
On walls of love so red and blue.

For you just

The beginning of another bright day,
As I drink my day’s tea,
I am reflecting on you,
Wondering how I’ll feel about seeing you today,
As you are always making my day,
You’ve had a terrific influence on me,
It’s there for you to see!
At the beginning of another bright, cheerful day,
Good morning for today, my darling!

Sunshine with You
Some things come along with a ray of beautiful sunshine,
First, it is the morning with a cold dew
Itching my body to find your muscles around me.
Then the chirping sound of birds
Reminding me of the sound of your name.
The fresh wind of the morning
Telling my deep how much I crave your touch
Then there is the sun
Streaming its rays into my eyes so I see you
Holding up the curtains in between my legs
So you can come through.
Some things that come with the beautiful sunshine
Is not as priceless as your deep voice
It is not close to your magnificent body
It is not as broad to cover me as your shoulders.
In all of this. You come with the beautiful sunrise in the mornings.

Good Morning Poem For Him Long Distance

I Want You Here with Me
It takes a ray of light, to end the darkness,
Takes a glass of water, to end a thirst,
And it takes rain, to end the summer!
But it takes seeing you end all my bad feelings.

Life is so Hard without You
A moment without you I find life so hard
Thinking of missing you, want to make me mad.
My heart is skipping like the growth of mustard…
The more you stay away, the more I become a dullard.
I really miss you.

Your Love Gave Me All
I started living for real the day I met you.
And from then, your love has been so true.
For the way I feel for you, I got not the clue….
To my hurts and pains, meeting you, I say adieu.
I am missing you so much, even if I love you.

Wouldn’t You Stay with Me Forever!
I wish you were never far away from my embrace,
I wish you were never so distant from my sight.
I missed the romantic moments we shared…
I am really missing you for real.

I Am Longing for Your Face
I desire your face so much,
I missed you cuddling me so very much.
Like the dead in need of air to breathe,
I am in need of your presence so much.
I love you… But I Miss You More.

Good Morning Love Poems For Boyfriend

This morning to you

My sweet pie you lift my mood,
My sweet pie you make me smile,
So, this morning I want to do the same,
By taking my name,
Start your day with a smile,
Good morning to you,
For this day so new!

Man of My Dreams

I saw a face so angelic and pure
Full of light and life,
Rhythm and laughter.
I asked from where you came from
And he said, I am one for your dreams
He knows how to love
How to hold and kiss
If I close my eyes, his body I miss
I asked him, will you never be real?
And he told me so, I’m only for your dreams
Today I’m awake thinking of him
His smooth body I want for just me
His colorful lips I stare and I smile
As that man from my dreams
Is laying close to me
Good morning to the man from my dreams.

With gratitude, To you

To my lovely man, a sweet wish,
You’re going to make me want more from myself in the
The beautiful morning is so bright,
I would like you to be here with me,
So, I can only tell you that, um,
I feel beautiful, with all that joy.
You’re the reason I smile at you.
In the early hours,
Wishing Good Morning to My Love!
Hello! Good morning!

Good Morning Love Poems For Him

Sunshine wouldn’t seem so bright

Dewdrops wouldn’t feel so fresh and new

Mornings wouldn’t feel so heavenly

In my life, if not for you

Days wouldn’t seem so livable

Nights wouldn’t be so cozy

If I didn’t sleep with the thought

Of waking up to see you, baby

Good morning


Mornings are the time to hug me

Mornings are the time to kiss

Mornings are the time to love me

Mornings are the time for bliss

Mornings are the time to call me

Mornings are the time to embrace

Mornings are the time for me to see

Your handsome looks and charming face

Good morning


One more day

Of your love and care

One more reason

My joy to share

One more time

To celebrate together

One more occasion

To love one another

One more cause

To thank my stars

For giving me a hot boyfriend

That you are

Good morning

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Good Morning Love Poems For My Boyfriend

Mornings with My Soldier
Mornings like this bring the sun to my sky
It comes with love as well
It brings a world where you are the knight
Guiding my day from having more nights.
So I won’t be lost
I won’t wake to a morning of dust
Cover the sheets where you should lay.
While I call it a complete day.
All thoughts are like a halo over my head
Without you, my heart will end dead.
I fear for the silhouettes of loneliness
So I want you, my soldier, to help with the mess.
Bring more beautiful mornings
So we begin the day with a little moaning.
My love for you can always surmount the night
Cause you shine more than light.

How Do I Love You?
I do not know how I live
I do not know exactly how to love.
I only feel tingles around my throat
Whenever my eyes seek you.
I know mornings like this I want you
I want you to do more than hold me.
I know when the breeze blows
I hear whispers of your name.
Whenever night comes
It brings the sequel to your absence
I want an evening laughing at our mornings
A scent of you lurking like a stench
I do know that love is more than four letters
Married to be said with my lips
My heart always says it, especially since you’re a little far.
I do not know how I live
I do not know exactly how to love.
I only feel tingles around my throat
Whenever my eyes seek you.

If You Ever Leave
Don’t you go close to the doors
After opening the walls of my heart.
Do not go close to the curtains
And wave a goodbye.
If you do want to leave
Make sure you soak my heart in the bowels of love
Fetch out your strength and bless me with it.
Look into my eyes and tell me you will return
And make my bed, and sleep on my sheets.
Tell me distance is just like night and morning
It easily comes with moon traveling.
Let me feel your love more than an absence.
If you do want to leave
Don’t do it on such mornings
Wait until the rainbow touches my eyes
Until the breeze of emotions shake my windows
Wait until the sun is not asleep
Or the moon on visitation.
If you do want to leave
Leave, but let our love remain.

Romantic Good Morning Love Poems For Him

A Journey of Love
There is a boy I love to meet
His home is knotted with ribbons from my heart
He holds a body I never forget
With arms to guide me from fear.
His smile is the winter and summer’s sound
Especially when my body itches for love.
He knows how to love
At least the earth taught him well.
But before then,
I one day tried to journey into love
To know what it had saved for me
Then I found his name with the ray of the sun
To be a tattoo upon my breath
Whenever I doubt what love is.
So here I am telling him these words
He’d probably hear a million times
I love you much my loving man.

Memoir of My Man
I started it like the morning
On how we met by the eyes of the sun.
He was so strong as though his words from his soft lips.
He told me how he can be my king
In the face of any terror
How he would lift my heart
With fluttering butterflies
He would take me to moons if he would be in me,
Nights will bring only his star
For my wish have finally become true.
I remember this memoir
On days like this
When your absence is beyond understanding
And the bed feels empty
When I open my eyes to see I slept alone
When deep down my heart, I know who you are to me
And as you read this, hear it again.

Candles Burn in the Morning
Sometimes I wish I could tear open my chest
Pass my breasts so you see my heart
And see the rhythm it beats every day.
Your name is engraved in every blood pumped
In every evening dust
In every morning warmth.
I hear your name in the silence of absence
And the nakedness of my fear.
Some days when darkness finds my room
And the sun refuses to bloom,
My rose will nest in its petals
Wishing your moon would call by my name.
I know a ray of light that keeps burning
And that is my heart.
For it beats for you
For how much I care for you.

Romantic Good Morning Poems For Him

Our Hearts Have Clenched
Our hearts were made to find each other
No matter the journey time tried to make.
They were to travel through the thickest terror
And come out with a victory of love.
There were no sad days
Just blisters that disappeared with the sun.
The nights were to hold darkness
Try to blind them from the eyes.
Our hearts held tight the only thing they had
The only bond they shared
The only word they knew
Love —
A thick fat invisible roe tying both of them together
A sweet dew chime falling in their ears to wake them up
So when mornings like this come
Mine will tell yours
I still love you.

Love So True

A million stars hang in the sky,
Yet one shines brighter in my eye,
This love is so precious, a love so true,
A love that comes from me to only you,
I hear angels sing when you are near,
Wrapped in your arms I have nothing to fear,
You always know just what to say,
Just hearing your voice makes my day,
I love you dear with all of my heart,
Together for always and never apart.

Always On My Mind

If you fall I will catch you,
If you cry I will hold you,
If I breathe I will love you,
You are always on my mind,
Occupying my thoughts from day to night,
You are the sun of my mornings,
And the moon of my nights,
You are the stars shining on me,
The angels watching over me,
You are the love of my life,
And every night before bed,
I see you when I close my eyes,
And when sleep comes for me,
You are waiting there in my dreams.
I don’t think you will ever leave my mind,
And for me, that is just fine.

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