Collections of Ex-Boyfriend Quotes – About, Attitude and Missing Him

Ex-Boyfriend Quotes – As we all know, an ex is someone who is no longer in a relationship with you or who is no longer dedicated to you. Occasionally, as a girlfriend, you’ll find yourself thinking about your ex-boyfriend in a sexual or another way. Trust me, the criteria used to accept a guy will determine what and how far the relationship will go.

To be clear, writing to your ex-boyfriend reveals your intentions. Reunions, breakups, compliments, etc., are all reasons why people write to him. Your ex’s ex-girlfriend who really cares about him needs to send him love-filled texts all the time in order to keep the flames of their relationship burning.

Let your ex-boyfriend know how you feel about him, but don’t worry too much about what you may say to help him change his ways. Ex-Boyfriend QuotesOpens in a new tab. are all here for you to choose from, so all you have to do is scroll down the page and send your ex a message of encouragement or criticism.

Ex-Boyfriend Quotes
Collections of Ex-Boyfriend Quotes – About, Attitude and Missing Him

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Ex-Boyfriend Quotes

He texted me, saying, “I MISS YOU…” In response, I wrote: We’re sorry, but the subscriber you are attempting to contact is uninterested in hearing from us. You don’t have to ask me Y if you want to change my X, which makes algebra my favorite subject. Every distrustful girl has a boy who betrayed her trust by lying, cheating and breaking his vows.

I’m so in love with my ex that I printed out all of his photos. After all, I’ll be using him as a target during my training sessions. My personal favorites are personalized toilet paper and doormats. Only the lack of his autograph makes me regret the purchase.

However, I miss the man I thought he was. The saddest part is when you see an ex and they treat you like you’re not even there… An ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend relationship is like taking a test that you already know the answers to.

Please don’t stop crying. Just come and wipe them off. That’s all I want. No amount of healing can make me happier than having you restore my broken heart. I don’t want to stop loving you because I want you to start loving me again.

Do not be sad because it is finished, but smile because he has a horse-like new girlfriend. Has your ex ever asked you, “Was I drunk the whole time?” Now, everything I used to adore about you has turned into the thing I despise the most about you.

Dreamed about my lover going back to his ex-girlfriend. You don’t pick up rock after discovering a diamond, so I started laughing.

Nobody is going to make you cry because they deserve your tears, but those who are going to make you cry because they deserve it will. The guy who broke our hearts has left us all reeling. We are all flawed in some way.

I hate to let our relationship come to an end in an amicable fashion…… All I ask is that you return me to where I came from so that we can begin a new chapter together. But I’m sorry to tell you this, but I still have feelings for you today.

In order to avoid being phony, I must disclose that I have not yet moved on. Now is the time for me to stop making excuses for how things are. I can’t function without you. I know that I’m simply a file on your hard disk, which you’ve deleted by now. I’m sorry. When it comes to storing files, you’re like a hard drive that can never be erased.

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Attitude Quotes For Ex-Boyfriend

It’s like rereading a book you’ve already read when you go back to your ex. The result is always the same. There is nothing worse than having to put on your soiled underpants again after you’ve had an ex.

In order to understand that the loss of a treasured pleasure does not inevitably mean the loss of actual happiness and well-being, we must experience trials, breakups, and narcissistic wounds.

Dumped lovers deserve another opportunity, but with someone else. If you feel the need to trash your ex or their new lover, it’s safe to assume you still harbor romantic affections for that individual.

Despite the fact that we may have split up, I want you to know that I will always have a place in my heart for you. After we break up, I pledge to be there for you and help you reach your goals even if we don’t get back together. Even though you’ve exposed all of my flaws, I’ll do my hardest to be perfect.

I was a far superior candidate to your Ex. I’m going to be better than you next time, I promise. As far as I’m concerned, I’ll be the best out there! As long as she knows what you’re talking about and doesn’t care what you’ve done for her, she’s a good girl. Then it’s clear she’s a keeper, but it’s also clear that you don’t deserve her.

I don’t give a lot of thought to the men I’ve had in my past. To be honest, it’s a shame that they didn’t end up in my future. While in love, we are sure that no one else can fill the void left by the one we care about. It’s true that some people do better than others over time.

Life goes on even after a romance ends. Your ‘Ex’ was really a stepping stone on the path to something far more fulfilling. We’re all still mourning the loss of the one we loved. We’re all a work in progress.

As far as I’m concerned, I haven’t even begun the process of moving on from you. The fact that I still care about you is important to me. It’s possible that our relationship isn’t meant to be, but you are my whole world. Rather than being friends, why not attempt to be lovers instead? My faith in our love’s magnificent fate has not wavered, no matter what has happened.

Because of our breakup, I frequently wonder what you are doing at this same moment. With each passing second, the thoughts racing through my head become more urgent to me. The more I miss you, the more tears I can’t hold back, even if I try.

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Quotes About Your Ex-Boyfriend

There are just two possibilities: either you and your ex never had any feelings for one another or you’re still in love with one another. What this signifies is that the individual they were hoping would be able to take your place has fallen short.

In any case, men’s character can be gauged by the way they talk about their ex-wives and other females. Pay attention to how he talks about other women while you’re starting a new relationship or becoming close to a new guy.

Having your heart broken is a gift from God. Just to let you know he saved your life from the wrong person. Remembering the individual who hasn’t remembered you may seem impossible, but you have to do it.

Once we’re gone, we’re gone. Consequently, I don’t want our love to be a failure. My affection for you hasn’t changed. The fact that you no longer care about me doesn’t bother me. If you don’t want to be mine, I don’t care. All I care about is that I sincerely love you and all I want is for you to be mine.

The first awful relationship is all it takes for you to realize that you’re entitled to so much more. Not moving on if you are not over your ex is a bad idea, because you are jeopardizing another person’s feelings!

Heartbreak can sometimes shock us awake and help us see that we are worth so much more than just what we’re currently accepting. Even though I know my heart would never be the same again, I’m convincing myself I’ll be fine anyhow.

Retaining a new partner who treats you better than your ex is the best vengeance you can take. Often, a woman will reflect back on her past in order to inspire her to do better in the present.

You’ve broken my heart and made me cry uncontrollably because of how much you’ve harmed me. I’m not sure why you left me, and it’s making me wonder… Despite everything you’ve done, why do I still care about you?

However heartbreaking your words may be, I will always look for the underlying message in order to find something to smile about. In your eyes, there is nothing but hatred for me every time I look at you. However, when I peer into the depths of my soul, I only see one thing—you.

Quotes To Make Your Ex-Boyfriend Miss You

My ex-boyfriend?? Neither of us is friends nor foes. You and I are nothing more than strangers with shared memories. Suicidal and on the brink were the status updates on my ex-Facebook boyfriend’s page. To get his attention, I prodded him in the arm.

Eventually, I realize that it was never me, but rather a blanket that kept you warm. It’s easy to be thrown into the mix when something flashier or more attractive comes along. This was all a prank, and I’m sorry for the pain I caused you in my care.

Let the old calls go to voice mail as they come in. None of it is worth reading any further. Your ex-hope lovers are for you to fail, but you must show them that they are mistaken. Get over him, since no one cares about the past; only the present matters.

The end of our relationship had a profound effect on me. My love for you has been reaffirmed by my absence from you. You have my utmost admiration and devotion. After our breakup, my sole source of happiness in the hope that you will return and that you would once again whisper in my ear, “I love you, baby.”

Your ex’s new love interest will never make you envious because your parents taught you how to give your old toys to the less unfortunate.

Decide what your life’s purpose is and how you wish to spend your time? After a breakup has occurred. We’re all still mourning the loss of the one we loved. We’re all a work in progress.

No man has ever made me so angry that I would return his diamonds to him. It’s not uncommon for an ex to tell you, “You’ll never find anybody like me.” A simple “that’s the point” will suffice. Sometimes it’s preferable to leave your ex in the past rather than repeat the same mistake in the future.

When you promised to never speak to me again, I still remember that day clearly. It was on that particular day, though, when I made the promise that I would never stop loving you. Even if one of us has to go back on our word, it won’t be me.

It doesn’t matter how badly they damaged us in the past; we all have one person we would gladly take back. Is it any different from rereading a book that you’ve already read? You can expect the same outcome every time.

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