100+ Blissful Happy Birthday Prayer For Sister From Siblings

Birthday Prayer For Sister – Sisters are so loving and caring, They always pose as our second mom at home. She is always on the lookout for you, she never wants to see you feel bad and she would always make sure you are safe and never in lack.

To be very honest having an amazing sister as mine is a great sister is a gift any sibling would forever be grateful for! With her birthday around the corner, I think it’s time to shower her with lots of prayer for her new age.

You might be out of idea on what to prayer points to pray for her, I got you covered on that if you skim through this collection you will get some ideas of birthday prayersOpens in a new tab. you can send to your sister on her day. Couple these prayers with the gift you want to give her on her birthday.

Birthday Prayer For Sister
100+ Blissful Happy Birthday Prayer For Sister From Siblings

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Prayer Blessing Birthday Wishes For Sister

On this particular day, I am sending you all my lovely prayer towards you. May you receive all these birthday wishes in good health. Stay strong, happy birthday Sis.

How time flies… You’re now grown up. May you grow in stature, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. Happy birthday to you, little sister.

I love you, sister. If I will ever come to the world again, it is my wish to have you as my sister. I pray you, move from success to success, from victory to victory as you celebrate your birthday today.

My darling sister, I wish you an exciting birthday and a day that overflows with laughter, joy, and happiness. These blessings will accompany you everywhere you go because you’re a star. Happy birthday to you. Keep shining.

Sweet sister, as you enjoy this unique day of yours, I pray that our Heavenly Father will be with you to grant you good health and strength today and every new day of your life. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to my variegated sister. I wish you a very long life enriched with wealth and great possessions. Happy birthday sweet sister. God bless you for me.

Birthday Prayer For Sister

As you celebrate this special day, I pray that happiness, grace, and peace will forever be your portion. May whatever you lay your hands upon, you shall excel and bring you immeasurable happiness. Happy birthday to you, my dear sister.

You teach me, you inspire me, you enlighten me on things I don’t understand. May God’s divine understanding never depart from you. Enjoy your birthday, My dearest sister.

Sis, on your big day, may God bless you with a lifetime filled with good health, dreams come true and happiness. You truly deserve these precious gifts and many more from the Lord.

Dear sis may today be the beginning of success for you. If you have ever experienced success, it will be too small compared to the new success you will begin to experience. Happy Birthday, Sister.

As you celebrate this day, dear sister, I pray for total happiness and sunshine in your life. May your destiny never meet with darkness. Happy birthday.

Dear sis, today being a special day in your life, take time to speak with God. I pray that whatever you bind will be bound. Whatever you lose, will be loosed. This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice. I choose to rejoice and be glad. Cheers sis.

Happy birthday, sister!!! I know you studied so hard this year. May you achieve all the goals in your life and have a happy life. May this year bring all your dream come true.

Today, I just want to take a moment to thank God for your life and ask Him to protect and guide you all your days on earth. And most importantly, may He bless your heart with happiness as you celebrate your birthday.

I pray the Lord continues to open all kinds of amazingly beautiful opportunities for you. May all your prayers be answered. Happy birthday to you.

Dear Father, I thank you for my sister, for all that she means to you and to me. Grant her peace, happiness, and contentment in You today and every day. Amen.

Happy Birthday Prayer For Sister

How time flies. You’re now grown up. May you grow in stature, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. Happy birthday to you, little sister.

Today, I pray that God Almighty will uplift you in whatever you do and put immense gladness in your heart on this special occasion and throughout your days on earth.

You are such an exceptional personality, jovial and special. I’m blessed to share my parents with you. May this year be the best for you. God will perfect all that concerns you. Happy birthday to you.

May there be no lack of love and happiness in your life. I Pray that you spend more lovely time on this planet and have lots of fun Happy birthday, sister.

You’ll make it beyond human expectations. May you increase academically, spiritually, financially, spiritually, and emotionally. Happy birthday, my sister.

I pray that happiness, grace, and peace will forever be your portion. May whatever you lay your hands upon excel and bring you great success. Happy birthday, sister.

Happy Birthday Prayer To My Sister

You’ll never have any cause to mourn, today and forever. Let every moment of your life be as beautiful and colorful as you are. Enjoy your day, and be a good girl. Happy birthday with lots of love.

You are a shoulder I lean on, a hand that lifts me up when down, and palms that wipe my tears away. I pray that the good God will shoulder your burdens, lift you up and wipe your tears away. Happy birthday, sister.

All my prayers are with my beloved sister on this lovely day, I hope you achieve all the goals and motives in your life from now on have, a happy year, my birth sister.

Happy birthday, sister! May the Lord continue to open all kinds of amazingly beautiful opportunities for happiness in your life. This is my greatest prayer for you.

Happy birthday, my beloved sister. Today will unlock the gate of your blessings, and God will fill every moment of your life with joy, fortune, and hope. Happy birthday, my beautiful sister.

May God make each day of your life as beautiful and as golden as you are. May the Almighty go on to add more years of happiness and good health to your life. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to the only sister who shared and is ever ready to share her time, love, and money with me. I love you even if I don’t say this to you frequently. May God bless you abundantly far above all you could ever ask.

May God bless you with a life filled with good health, dreams come true, and happiness. You truly deserve everything good that is coming your way. Happy birthday, my sister.

Happy Birthday to my dear sister! Today I celebrate the life that God has given you and give thanks to Him for the many blessings you bring to my life.

May the favor of the almighty God be with you all the days of your beautiful life. May He give you the strength to hate what is evil and love what is good. And may you be blessed so abundantly that you run out of rooms to store your blessings. Happy birthday, dear.

Birthday Prayer For My Sister

It is my prayer that you will forever walk in God’s favor, miracles, and peacefulness. Happy birthday, and remain beautiful as ever.

Dear sister, may the LORD bless you on your birthday and may you always remember that He holds you in the palm of His hand and is always there for you. Happy Birthday.

I remember how you always held me in your arms when I was young. I’ll never forget all you did to make me stay happy. I pray, may the true happiness of God never stay away from you. Happy birthday, sweet sis.

Dear sister, while you celebrate this important moment that marks your birthday, it is my prayer that you will forever walk in God’s favor, miracles, and tranquility. Stay blessed, my love.

You are a mother to me. You love and care for me. I am grateful for all these and I pray that you live many years on earth in good health and in prosperity. Happy Birthday.

As the sun rises on your birthday, I pray that your faith and hope in God will also rise and bring forth prosperity, peace, happiness, good health and joy into your world. Happy birthday, amazing sister.

Birthday Prayer For My Elder Sister

It is my prayer that the divine understanding and wisdom of God Almighty will never depart from your life. Enjoy your birthday.

You can’t be replaced. I love you, cherish you, and today, I’m going to pray for you. You’ll expand in all spheres. May your dream come true, and may you have reasons to celebrate. Happy birthday, sister.

Sister, as you enter a new stage in your existence, I am hoping that the Lord Almighty will furnish you with amazing and exciting discoveries.

You are the best sister in the whole wide world. I pray that greatness will be your portion and when there is casting down you shall experience upliftment. Victory will be yours every single day of your life. Happy Birthday.

As you celebrate this day, I pray for God’s favor, provision, protection, and guidance in your life. I also pray for good health, happiness, and long life. You’re a darling. Have a happy birthday, dear.

Happy birthday, lovely sister! It is my sincere prayer that you find great success in all the endeavors of your life. I truly love and adore you.

Happy Birthday Prayer To A Sister

Dear sister, go through life without a worry in your heart because God is in control. May you never stop receiving the favor of God in your life. Happy birthday, my love.

Happy birthday lovely sis. I wish you more years of fruitfulness in His vineyard. Happy birthday, dear. Enjoy an increase in God’s grace.

You worked so hard for your dreams now it’s true of the year you could have all of them. May the presence and goodness of God never depart from your life, Happy Birthday.

May God empower you to achieve remarkable and bigger and greater things in your life. You were born to succeed, and that is exactly what you are going to do.

As you enter a new phase in your life, I pray that the Lord Almighty will furnish you with amazing and exciting discoveries. Happy birthday, dearest sister.

You’re such a beautiful angel. I bless the day you came into this world. Happy birthday day to you. It’s the beginning of greater heights in your life.

Words can’t express how grateful I am to the good Lord for granting you another beautiful year on this beautiful planet. I pray that His love, blessings, grace, and kindness will dwell in you forever.

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