Protection And Blessing Good Night Prayer For My Love

Good Night Prayer For My Love – As your loved ones lay down to sleep tonight, Send them beautiful good night prayersOpens in a new tab. to let them know how much you care about them? Make them feel better by sending them the following goodnight prayers and messages as they journey to dreamland.

good night prayer for my love
Protection And Blessing Good Night Prayer For My Love

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Good Night Prayer Message

Dear Lord, please hold my man as he falls asleep. bless him with the peace that surpass all levels of understanding, sow the seed of hope in him. Grow his dreams and make him understand what you expect from him. Thank you for everything and more.

My loving and kind God will send his angels to guard you tonight. When the dawn breaks, I desire to behold you awake and radiant to the glory of his holy name.

As you turn in for the night, I pray for God to send you sweet dreams of happiness and contentment as you prepare for the coming day.

Hope you had an awesome day. I pray for God to protect you though the night and until we meet again. Good night love.

May nightmares be far from you as far as the East is from the West and the North from the South. Good night angel.

May the angels of the Lord surround you, to keep watch over you. May their presence scare away every demon and keep you safe from every danger. Good night, beautiful.

The maker of the world will give ear to your prayers, in his loving compassion he will shield you from the armour of the enemies, in his loving compassion you shall sleep and wake up. He will take care of all your plans and need, in abundance you shall live.

When we are about to drift off to dreamland, we wish to firstly ask for your forgiveness. Bless the amazing person reading this with understanding to face things following the right path. Be with him (her) this night and forever. Good night my dear.

As I jump into my bed tonight, I pray to rest within your love and care. I know that you are with me and you will be beside me. I am sure you have heard my prayers. Good night dear God and thank you for everything.

Good Night Prayer For Him

Prayers for refreshing sleep in the hands of the One who can heal all wounds, keep all promises, and turn our failures into something amazing and beautiful.

Sweetheart, as you go sleep, may our Lord send his angels to protect you through the night, Good night love.

I am grateful to God that you are alive and may He continue to preserve you to see each brand new day. Good night sweetheart.

The good work the Lord has started in your life will not stop until it is fully accomplished. Sleep peacefully, my love. God’s got you.

Your faithfulness abide forever and I am very sure of your protection over my loved one. I thank you for your love and care as I believe my prayers are already answered. Thank you heavenly father!

Just as the mountains surround Jerusalem, may our God’s glory surround you. May your night be filled with loving comfort and bliss. Good night.

I pray that you sleep well knowing that our Lord and Savior has everything worked out for a wonderful new day.

May the author of both life and light, darkness and sunshine, rain and storm, guide you as you sleep tonight.

He will bless our good hearts and make our wishes a reality because he has promised to be with his people at all time. You are favored, my dear. Have a bliss filled night.

Good night dear, remember that when prayers go up to God, his blessings come down upon us. May you find your sleep restful, safe and sound. Good night.

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Good Night Prayer For Her

I pray that no evil prevails against you as you sleep tonight. Jehovah will break the ploys of the wicked against you and give you victory over evil.

May God’s love be a soft pillow upon which to rest your head, may it be a warm blanket covering your bed. May his peace surround you like a fragrant gentle rain, may God himself look down and take away your pain.

As you retire for the night, may your heart be filled with gratefulness as today is gone and may you awake with renewed energy, faith and hope, Good night my dear love!

May the angels keep watch over you for me. Know you are loved and surrounded by God no matter what. Have a blessed night dear.

As you lay to sleep, I pray that no weapon formed against you shall prosper. You shall prevail over every of your enemies and the blood of Jesus shall avail for you.

The Lord of hosts, the God most high, who quits his throne on earth to live, with faith into our heart, cover you with His precious blood. You are highly blessed. The arrow of the evil ones shall never near you, as you sleep tonight.

He will help us all through the night and make the morning as beautiful as the sunshine. Go to be with faith for our worries have been washed away. Good night.

You may feel alone and lost right now, but remember that God’s got you. God knows exactly what is happening to you, and trust me he’s got good plans for you. Good night dear. Have a great night rest.

The day has come to an end. So, I lift you, my friend, before the Lord to take care of you in your sleep. Have sweet dreams!

My treasured one, always remember that our God is a God of mercy and strength, grace and peace, love and faithfulness. Prayers that tomorrow you will wake rested and fully aware of the plans and promises God has for you.

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Good Night Prayer For My Love

Go to sleep and leave everything to God. Tell him you have left everything to him before you go to bed. He has got you, and he will provide the necessary support and succor. God is your strength and he will be with you and protect you all through the night.

Nobody can wake up from sleep if you didn’t permit that. Therefore, Lord, I ask that you lead my dear one to the dreamland and back to awakeness in the morning. Amen.

Prayers for God to pick up the burdens that are too heavy for you and hold them in his hands as you rest well tonight, beloved one.

My love, never doubt the power of our God, He is always in control. Give him your burden and He will take care of everything. I pray for God to fight for your cause always. Have a blessed night my love.

May the arrows that fly by night never sight you. May you always remain protected by the presence of God. Good night, my love.

May the angels of the Lord watch over you as you sleep. May every of your enemies be scattered and put to shame. Good night my love.

In your weakness and distress, the rock of ages will be your guide, brighter rays will shine upon you, in gladness your heart will sing, in praises your soul shall proclaim, no harm shall befall you. As God’s blessings continues to unfold in your life.

We thank you, lord for today. Thank you for the gift of life and strong health. You have always shown us that there is none like you.

Your life may not be panning out exactly the way you planned it, and you may begin to go tired. Know that God is watching every step you take and every move you make and he is going to surprise you soon.

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Good Night Prayer For My Husband

Everything Jehovah does is pleasant to us. It is with a heart of gratitude that I request his loving presence to guide you in your sleep. May you wake up stronger and healthier. Amen.

Prayers for you to fall asleep remembering all the good parts of the day and resting in God’s healing of the things that cause you grief.

I know everything has been against you today, I pray to God to give you strength and make everything smooth for you. Blessed night my love

As you drift to dreamland today, I pray that your dreams be filled with wonderful moments that gladden your heart. Good night sweetheart.

I have said a prayer for you my darling. Go to bed in peace. Nothing shall by any means harm you. Good night, my love.

May the brightest and best suns in the morning, dawn on your darkness, and be you aid, may the stars of the East and horizon adorning, guide you as you lay to sleep.

The night is a quiet moment you have given to us to reminisce how the previous day has been and how to face off tomorrow. Thank you for such wonderful moment and be with us all through the night. Amen.

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